Did Lamar Odom Have a Sex Dream About Khloé Kardashian on National TV?

Lamar Odom

Getty Lamar Odom.

Lamar Odom, former NBA player and ex-husband of Khloé Kardashian, is a current contestant on the CBS reality television series “Celebrity Big Brother.”

On “Celebrity Big Brother,” the eleven cast members, called “houseguests,” must live together with no access to the outside world — no internet, no phones, and no contact with their friends or family. 94 cameras and 113 microphones record the houseguests at all times, including when they are sleeping. Even for someone like Odom who has reality television experience, it’s a whole new level of privacy invasion.

In the second episode of the “Celebrity Big Brother” season, which aired on Thursday, February 3, Odom could be heard talking in his sleep. Several of his fellow houseguests looked on laughing as Odom murmured, “baby, there we go.”

Why Fans Think Odom Was Having a Sex Dream About Khloe Kardashian

Odom and Khloe Kardashian have been divorced since 2016, but Odom has already made it abundantly clear during his time on “Celebrity Big Brother” that he still thinks about his famous ex-wife.

In the second episode of the show, he told houseguests he’d been looking forward to having children with Kardashian and wants to take her out to dinner and apologize. He confessed he was hoping to find that Kardashian had also been cast on “Celebrity Big Brother” when he entered the house.

Us Weekly reported that Odom told his fellow houseguest Todrick Hall that he “had some good dreams last night. I dreamt (about) my ex-wife last night.” So it seems likely that the “baby” he was referring to in his sleep was Kardashian.

“Am i watching lamar odom have a sex dream on national tv,” one “Celebrity Big Brother” fan wrote on Twitter.

Odom & Kardashian Aren’t On Speaking Terms

In a May 2021 appearance on “Radio Andy,” Odom talked about his relationship with Kardashian. “Unfortunately, you know, due to my behavior and some bad decisions, we don’t really talk any longer. I miss their family tremendously,” Odom said.

When Odom was married to Kardashian, he was found unconscious at a brothel in Nevada. PEOPLE reported that Odom had cocaine and opiates in his system at the time. He went into a coma and nearly died.

In May 2021, Odom told “Good Morning America” that he was sober with the help of ketamine, which he’d been having administered to him under supervision for two years.

How Is Odom Doing On ‘Celebrity Big Brother?’

Odom is no stranger to competition — he’s won NBA championships and competed on “Dancing With the Stars.” But how is he faring in the “Big Brother” house, where lying and backstabbing are the norm?

So far, Odom is in an alliance with former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Miesha Tate, YouTuber and musician Todrick Hall, and NSYNC founding member Chris Kirkpatrick. Miesha is Head of Household right now, meaning she’s in power and gets to nominate houseguests for eviction. This bodes well for Odom since he’s working with Miesha.

However, there’s another power in the house right now and it lies in the hands of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum, Cynthia Bailey. “Celebrity Big Brother” host Julie Chen Moonves warned the celebrity houseguests that even those who escape Miesha’s nominations aren’t necessarily safe this week. Odom isn’t guaranteed to survive the first eviction, but things are looking pretty good for him right now.

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