Miesha Tate Was ‘Stunned’ & ‘Worried for Todrick’ During Finale

Celebrity Big Brother

CBS Miesha Tate after winning the final Head of Household competition on 'Celebrity Big Brother.'

On February 23, former UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion Miesha Tate was crowned the winner of “Celebrity Big Brother.”

Miesha received seven jury votes, with Cynthia Bailey casting the sole vote for runner-up, Todrick Hall. Miesha and Todrick had a strong friendship throughout the game and a final two deal for most of it. Despite being a comp beast, winning four Head of Household competitions and two vetos, Miesha was only on the block once.

When Miesha was on the block, Todrick managed to move the house’s attention to Shanna Moakler and ultimately convinced her allies to backdoor her. Miesha won the final Head of Household of the season competition and took her ride-or-die Todrick to the final two with her.

Heavy had a chance to catch up with Miesha about what was going through her head when jury members started taking shots at Todrick, whether she regrets anything she said or did in the house, and if she thinks her friendship with Todrick can withstand all the social media backlash.

Miesha Was ‘Stunned’ by the Jury’s Comments

As the jurors stood up one by one to cast their votes, several of them took the opportunity to air grievances they had with Todrick. Miesha told Heavy she was “blown away” by the jury members’ comments.

“I did not expect that. I was trying to decipher it in the moment,” she said. “It really stunned me, to be honest, and I was getting a bit concerned about what all that meant and I was like oh no…I was getting worried for Todrick.”

When we spoke to Miesha, she had not yet gotten her phone back or spoken to her family. “Social media may as well not exist,” she said. Although she didn’t have the full picture of why her fellow houseguests were so angry with Todrick, she did think a lot of the blame fell on the crazy conditions of “Celebrity Big Brother.”

“People need to understand that we are playing a game at the end of the day and this is not real life,” she said. “These are extreme circumstances where you put a person in an oven for 28 days and expect them not to implode. It’s crazy.”

She thinks the way the jury reacted to Todrick is a good argument for sequestering “Celebrity Big Brother” juries in the future. “I think moving forward they might want to reconsider that just because everyone’s gonna be so careful about what they say at all times…and the fans want to know what we’re really thinking, what we’re really feeling,” she said.

Miesha Says She’s ‘Not Above Apologizing’ to Anyone She Hurt

Although Todrick was the main source of the jury’s anger, some evicted houseguests were hurt by how Miesha went along with talking behind people’s backs in the house. In our exit interview with Todd Bridges, he said, “watching him (Todrick) and Miesha talk about me the way they did was just really sad…I thought Miesha was better than that.”

Chris Kattan also tweeted, “When I watched the episodes I could not believe what they were saying,” seemingly talking about Miesha and Todrick.

Miesha told Heavy that she thinks the circumstances of “Celebrity Big Brother” lead people to badmouth others in a way that they normally wouldn’t. “Sometimes when you are so bored in that house, it’s easy to kind of laugh at other people and like the silly things that they did…talking too much, or burping or farting or whatever,” she said.”You’re so bored that you eventually get carried away just kind of like laughing at things that you would never even normally pay attention to…this is not a true depiction of who we are outside that house.”

The mixed martial artist and mother added, “if I hurt anyone’s feelings I am not above apologizing because it is never my intention.”

Does She Think She’ll Turn on Todrick Like the Other Houseguests?

In our exit interview, Todd Bridges said he thinks that even Miesha will turn on Todrick once she gets out of the “Celebrity Big Brother” house and sees all the things he said. We asked Miesha if she thinks that’s true.

“I didn’t know anything about Todrick coming into this house…some of the stories that I imagine have resurfaced are some things that I feel like he was able to explain to me,” she said. “I love and appreciate Todrick for the person that I know inside this house…I will not make any assumptions…I have to just take everything moment by moment,” she continued, adding that she didn’t want to “jump to conclusions” when she didn’t have all the information.

She also thinks that Todrick would’ve done better on a regular season of “Big Brother.” “I just want everyone to keep in mind that Todrick is a superfan and he played this game a little more like the regular season of ‘Big Brother,’ which, there’s not really a moral compass on that. Like people are just playing the game to play the game and win at all costs,” she said. “”I feel like if everyone else had been playing the game the way that Todrick was playing the game, it wouldn’t seem so severe.”

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