Mirai Nagasu On Her Loneliness in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ House

Celebrity Big Brother

CBS Mirai Nagasu on 'Celebrity Big Brother.'

Olympic figure skater Mirai Nagasu was the second person evicted from the “Celebrity Big Brother” house on February 7, 2022.

During the first eviction of the season, Mirai was saved from the block by the Mon Won twist. But when Chris Kirkpatrick became the second Head of Household, he decided to target Mirai even though she was technically a member of his alliance with Miesha Tate.

During the second live eviction of the season, Mirai’s fellow nominee Chris Kattan expressed to the other houseguests that he felt Mirai deserved to stay and he should “move on.” Despite Chris Kattan’s heroism, the house viewed Mirai as the bigger threat and she was evicted by a unanimous vote. It was later revealed on the live feeds that Chris Kattan had left the game ahead of the next eviction.

Heavy had a chance to catch up with Mirai about her loneliness in the house, the person she would vote for in a heartbeat, and whether or not she’s holding a grudge against Todrick Hall for betraying her.

Mirai Says the House Turning on Her Was ‘A Really Lonely Feeling’

Early in the game, Mirai joined an alliance called Formation with Carson Kressley, Cynthia Bailey, Todrick Hall, Teddi Mellencamp, and Shanna Moakler. But when Mirai confided in Todrick about a conversation she’d had with Miesha, Todrick went back and told Miesha, putting a target on Mirai’s back.

With Todrick no longer on their side and Teddi getting evicted first, Formation all but crumbled. Mirai told Heavy that being on the block for the second time was an emotional low point for her because she felt like she had no one on her side.

When you’re in the game and you’re kind of reading how people are playing, it does become lonely when you exhaust your alliances. You can tell when people are about to vote you out unfortunately and that was a really lonely feeling for me,” the Olympian said. 

In her exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves, Mirai said she felt like she couldn’t relate to anyone in the house and that she wasn’t used to being the only Asian American in the room.

Nevertheless I am so proud that I am the first Asian American to represent on ‘Celebrity Big Brother,'” Mirai told Heavy. “What a huge and incredible opportunity for me. I played to the best of my ability but it just wasn’t my day.” 

Who Would Mirai Have Targeted if She’d Stayed in the Game?

Mirai told Heavy that if she had stayed in the game and managed to win Head of Household, she would’ve honored her promise to Miesha to go after Carson. She called Carson a “mastermind puzzle solver” and said that when he won the Schedule Snafu veto competition, he “showed all of us that he’s a force to be reckoned with.” 

Although he was her target, Mirai has nothing but nice things to say about Carson. “If Carson makes it to the end he has my vote because he’s so charismatic, he’s so funny and he’s also a great cook. I appreciate the many a meal he cooked for me,” she said. “If not for Carson and Cynthia and Todd Bridges I would’ve eaten a lot of frozen foods and instant noodles.” 

Does Mirai Hold a Grudge Against Todrick?

Mirai acknowledges that Todrick blew up her game, but she isn’t holding a grudge. “I really like Todrick as a person so I am able to differentiate between personal and game and you know what? We were all in there for survival and Todrick did what was best for his game. I respect that and I can’t wait to see him outside of the ‘Big Brother’ house,” she told Heavy.

Addressing her fellow houseguests before the live vote on February 7, Mirai acknowledged that she’s an emotional person, which is part of why she’s a great skater. In our exit interview with Teddi Mellencamp, the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” alum said that Mira’s emotional behavior in the house was just a strategy.

But Mirai says, all her ups and downs in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house were real. “You are cut off from the outside world…even when I was training for the Olympics, I always had a strong support system. And unfortunately for me when Teddi turned on me I didn’t have that final two,” Mirai said, adding that the house had split into duos and she wasn’t part of one. 

Teddi told Heavy that she and Mirai had a “falling out” after she realized Mirai acting upset was “an entire tactic.”

Mirai thinks that if the cast and circumstances of this season were a little different, she might have made it farther in the game. “Unfortunately for me, this wasn’t like a regular season of ‘Big Brother’ and I couldn’t pretend to be a bartender like Xavier did,” she told Heavy.

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