Shanna Moakler Says She Won’t Hold a Grudge ‘Except for Todrick’

Shanna Moakler now

CBS Shanna Moakler on 'Celebrity Big Brother.'

Shanna Moakler’s eviction on “Celebrity Big Brother” was perhaps the hardest moment to watch of the season thus far.

When Carson Kressley won Head of Household, Shanna celebrated with him. She’d been working with Carson since the beginning of the game and had just saved him by using the power of veto on him. But Todrick Hall and Miesha Tate managed to turn Carson and Cynthia Bailey against Shanna by telling them she’d been playing both sides of the house.

Shanna tried to explain to Carson and Cynthia that she’d told Miesha and Todrick what they wanted to hear at times, but that she’d shown where her true loyalties lay by saving Carson with the veto. But it wasn’t enough for Carson and Cynthia. The entire house agreed to backdoor Shanna and she was unanimously evicted on February 14.

Heavy had a chance to catch up with Shanna about why she found Todrick impossible to work with, whether she’ll be a bitter juror, and if she can ever forgive Carson and Cynthia.

Shanna Says Todrick Made the Game Unnecessarily Personal

On her way out of the house, Shanna told Todrick she would get the jury to vote against him. She now says she wouldn’t actually try to sway the jury one way or the other, but it doesn’t sound like there’s any world in which she herself would vote for Todrick to win.

She told Heavy it doesn’t matter to her if the winner has “lied, cheated, and stolen” to get to the final two and she will vote for the best game player “except for Todrick.” She says she’ll be able to respect Miesha, Carson, and Cynthia’s gameplay, despite them targeting her.

“I’m a pageant girl, you know I’ve had to stand on stage and clap while many a woman have gone on and won the crown,” she said. “Don’t hate the player, hate the game so to speak, even though I love the game.”

As for Todrick, Shanna feels that he targeted people for personal reasons, which she doesn’t respect. “It was really personal and that was one of the reasons why I did not want to work with Todrick,” she said. “They (Todrick and Miesha) didn’t like Teddi (Mellencamp) and they made it about her coming from like a wealthy family. And I’m like, what does her having wealth or her being successful in life have anything to do with this game?” She added that she didn’t think “anyone’s race or sexuality or material standing” should’ve mattered in the game.

Shanna says she only felt compelled to make a dig at Todrick on her way out because of how he was celebrating her demise. “He was just clapping and giving it to me and I’m like ‘you just won, can you just let me walk out the door gracefully?’ That’s who Todrick is and that’s why I didn’t want to play with him.”

Shanna Doesn’t Know if She Can Be Friends With Carson and Cynthia

As we saw in the house and in her exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves, Shanna is frustrated and bewildered by Carson and Cynthia’s inability to see why she made the game moves she did. Does she think that Carson and Cynthia will see the error of their ways once they’re out of the house?

“I hope to god when they get out of this house that someone is like ‘what were you doing.’ Like I just pray to god that that happens. Because I could not wrap my brain around it,” she told Heavy.

“Cynthia has no clue what she’s doing. That was the most frustrating part,” the former Miss New York USA said. She was especially frustrated that Cynthia claimed to have protected Shanna in the game. “Okay, Cynthia, like you have no clue what you’re doing in this game. Like you are not a powerful player, you are riding the coattails of Carson and you’re sweet and you are a wonderful cook but you don’t know what you’re doing,” she said.

Does Shanna think there’s any chance that she can be friends with Carson and Cynthia outside of the house? “I don’t know. I am so mad at them right now,” she said, laughing. “I’m sure we will. I’ve done television shows with Carson and he’s a wonderful person.”

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Fans Want Shanna to Win America’s Favorite Player

There’s been a lot of buzz online about Shanna deserving to win America’s Favorite Player. “Big Brother” alum Janelle Pierzina tweeted, “The house didn’t deserve her. Shanna for AFP.”

Heavy asked Shanna how she would feel about winning the award. “Oh my god, that would make me cry. I’ve never received anything like that. I’m usually not perceived so great in the press. That would be absolutely a beautiful thing. I just always assumed Carson would get it…that would be mind-blowing,” she said.

There has been an outpouring of support for Shanna from the “Big Brother” fanbase, especially after Todrick Hall and other houseguests made negative remarks about her clothing choices. She says she hasn’t been online much since her eviction but friends and family members have told her “a little bit” about the positive fan reaction to her.

“I haven’t been on my phone. I literally just needed to like decompress and like take a shower in my shower, lay in my bed with my animals and just you know, be at home,” she told Heavy.


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