Todd Bridges Says Todrick & Miesha Were ‘Nasty and Mean’

Todd Bridges

CBS Todd Bridges on 'Celebrity Big Brother.'

When Todd Bridges became the second houseguest evicted during the February 21 “Celebrity Big Brother” double eviction, he left on good terms with all the remaining houseguests.

In his exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves, Todd said Todrick Hall played the best game and would almost certainly have his vote to win. But after spending some time outside of the house, Todd began to change his tune.

He tweeted about Todrick and Miesha Tate, “Wow I just saw what they said about me wow wow. I’m not going to lower myself to say anything nasty about them.🥰🥰🥰.” He also tweeted at his fellow evicted houseguests Carson Kressley and Shanna Moakler, saying they needed to talk.

Heavy had a chance to catch up with Todd on how Todrick and Miesha acted in the house, whether he would accept an apology from Todrick, and why he’s rooting for Cynthia even after their blowup fight.

Todd Says Todrick Played ‘An Evil Game’

Now that Todd has watched clips and read things online, he no longer thinks that Todrick played the best game. “I done seen the light now. I thought he played a great game, I didn’t think he played an evil game,” he told Heavy.

“Watching him and Miesha talk about me the way they did was just really sad…I thought Miesha was better than that but she believes Todrick. She’s caught under that Todrick little web,” he said. He tweeted at Carson and Shanna that they need to talk because he thinks they all realize that Todrick is the reason they turned on each other.

“We all know who really the person was who created all this mischief and all this craziness…we got duped, you know. He duped us,” he said. Todd thinks that even Miesha will turn on Todrick once she gets out of the house and sees how he behaved. But he still holds her accountable for going along with Todrick’s personal attacks. He says that he won’t be rooting for Miesha in her fights any longer. “If I watch her fight, I want her to lose,” he told Heavy.

“It’s okay to play the game of ‘Big Brother’…strategic and fun… but it’s not okay to play it where it’s really mean and nasty,” he said.

Would Todd Accept an Apology from Todrick?

Todd doesn’t think there’s any path to victory for Todrick after the way he treated all the jurors. “He destroyed jury management. There’s no way he’s gonna get the votes,” he said.

But if Todrick sincerely apologized to Todd for the things he said behind his back in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house, would Todd accept that?

“I definitely would accept his apology,” he said. “But I think where he messed up is with the fan base…they’re really upset with him. And I think he’s gonna lose a lot of fans because of it.”

As for Todd, he’s already made an apology for things he said on the show. He told Heavy he regrets making comments about the way Shanna Moakler dressed in the house and has since apologized to her on Twitter. He plans to apologize to her again in person on finale night.

Todd Thinks Cynthia Bailey Can Still Win

Todd thinks Cynthia Bailey would beat both Todrick and Miesha in a jury vote. “If Cynthia can win the HOH, she’ll beat em’ both,” he said. The “Diff’rent Strokes” star explained how he and Cynthia made up after they got into a screaming match about him voting her out of the house.

Todd was always planning to vote to evict Chris Kirkpatrick, keeping Cynthia safe. But he couldn’t say that out loud. Todd told Heavy that when he pulled Cynthia aside to say he’d always planned on voting to save her, “she felt really bad” and they made up.

Unsurprisingly, Todd regrets that he didn’t target Todrick or Miesha when he was Head of Household. “They got in my head, both of them did…we were never a team, they were always gonna cut me off as soon as they got a chance,” he said.

But he’s still proud of how far he made it and of playing a “good, fair game.” “I’m hoping that I gave the people a great time and a great show,” he said.

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