Todrick Says He’s ‘the Only Person of Color’ Playing the Game Well

Todrick Hall

CBS Todrick Hall on 'Celebrity Big Brother.'

Musician, choreographer, and YouTuber Todrick Hall is a “Big Brother” fan and was therefore ready to play when he entered the “Celebrity Big Brother” house.

Early in the game, he formed a strong relationship with mixed martial artist Miesha Tate who has proven to be a comp beast with two Head of Household wins under her belt. Although Todrick knows Carson Kressley outside of the game, he decided to work against him rather than with him. He and Miesha consider Carson their biggest threat and attempted to evict him in the last eviction cycle.

When Chris Kirkpatrick and Shanna Moakler made a big move by saving Carson against Miesha and Todrick’s wishes, a line was drawn in the house. Todrick discovered that Chris had been telling people he didn’t trust Todrick. In a heated conversation in the sauna room that was captured on the live feeds, Todrick told Chris that he didn’t appreciate being targeted as “the only person of color that’s like actually fighting to stay here.”

Todrick Called Out the Other Black Houseguests for Lazy Gameplay

In his conversation with Chris, Todrick called out the other Black houseguests for not taking the game as seriously as him.

“We have four Black people in this house and one of them is farting his way through the competition, one of them’s sleeping his way through the competition, and one of them is playing Switzerland and basically baking her way to the end of the competition,” he said.

Todrick was referring to Lamar Odom, Todd Bridges, and Cynthia Bailey, respectively. When comedian Chris Kattan voluntarily left the game, he mentioned Lamar’s “toxic farts” in his goodbye message.

Watch the clip from the live feeds below:

In another conversation, Todrick told Chris that his son would be disappointed in his gameplay. On the live feeds, Todrick could be heard recounting the conversation to Miesha.

“I was like, your son, when he sees this, is not going to be proud of you. Like, you said you wanted to be a good example for your wife and your son. You have embarrassed them and if your son saw this he would be like, ‘you betrayed your team, daddy,'” Todrick told Miesha.

Chris Kirkpatrick Says Todrick ‘Plays the Victim’

After Chris Kirkpatrick was unanimously evicted, he told Heavy in an exit interview that Todrick made the game personal in a way that wasn’t necessary.

“Todrick plays this game and kind of pushes people around but then the minute you try to push back he plays the victim and that’s really kind of dirty to me,” he said. “The way Todrick talks about me, I feel like I ran over one of his hairless cats or something.”

“Big Brother” fans weren’t happy about Todrick’s conversations With Chris either. “The problem with this is that when Todrick’s game is not going his way, he starts quoting about race when no one literally said anything about his race,” one Twitter user commented on a clip of the conversation.

Another user brought up The Cookout, the all-Black alliance from “Big Brother 23.” Todrick became friends with the members of The Cookout after the season ended, inviting them to stay at his house for an extended period of time. “He lives with the cookout for weeks and then plays antithetical to what they stood for and played for an entire summer :/,” the user wrote on Twitter.

On Reddit, a user started a thread with the title, “So who is going to tell the Cookout to run from Todrick lol.”

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