Todrick Says He Has a ‘Torn Relationship with White People and Whiteness’

Todrick Hall

CBS Todrick Hall on 'Celebrity Big Brother.'

Youtuber, musician, and choreographer Todrick Hall had a conversation with Cynthia Bailey on the “Celebrity Big Brother” live feeds about representation in the media on February 16.

Todrick told Cynthia he has a “torn relationship with white people and whiteness” and recounted his experience as the only Black cast member in a run of “Beauty and the Beast.” He said that at the time, he viewed it as an honor to be the only Black person in the room, but is now not okay with being the “token” Black person in projects.

Todrick also expressed that the 1997 film version of “Cinderella” inspired him to be a performer because it featured Black performers like Brandy and Whitney Houston in starring roles.

The social media guru is close friends with members of the Cookout, the historic all-Black alliance from “Big Brother 23.” But while the “Big Brother” fan base largely supported the Cookout’s mission, Todrick has been criticized for his comments about race on “Celebrity Big Brother.”

Todrick Said He Didn’t Want to Help a ‘White Blonde Girl’ Advance in the Game

In a conversation with Lamar Odom on the live feeds, Todrick cited personal reasons for not wanting to see Shanna Moakler advance in the game. He helped facilitate the plan to backdoor Shanna.

“In 2022 do you want to help some like white blonde girl get to the end?,” Todrick asked Lamar. “The color of skin doesn’t matter,” Lamar replied. “It’s not about that,” Todrick said. “So then why did you bring it up?” Lamar asked.

Fans couldn’t help but notice the irony of Todrick’s main ally in the house being Miesha Tate, who is also a white woman. “Is someone gonna tell todrick miesha is also white,” one fan tweeted.

Lamar also pointed this out to Todrick. “What’s the difference if they (Miesha and Shanna) both white? I’m confused,” he said on the live feeds. “Somebody is a hard worker and not manipulative,” Todrick replied. “I don’t really know either of them. This is my first time meeting them. I don’t know how Miesha lives her life,” Lamar said.

“Big Brother” alum Janelle Pierzina called Todrick out for his comments on Twitter. “So wait… it’s ok to accept a music award with a blonde white girl when it furthers your career, but a blonde white girl can’t win Big Brother because of the color of her skin. Make it make sense,” she tweeted, referring to Todrick’s working relationship with Taylor Swift.

In 2019, Swift brought Todrick onstage to accept the VMA award for Video of the Year for “You Need to Calm Down.” He co-produced the video.

Todrick Has Gotten Flack for Personal Attacks Against Shanna

Todrick has made other comments about Shanna’s clothing choices and the way she’s made a name for herself.

“What message are we sending to the world that this blonde girl who’s famous for marrying famous people, we gonna fight and keep her to the end?” He said on the live feeds. Shanna was previously married to Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.

“She walks around the house half-naked, which I ain’t hating on, I think she looks great, but if that’s her strategy and if she’s contributing nothing…” he said, which many “Celebrity Big Brother” fans took issue with.

“Big Brother 21” alum Kat Dunn tweeted, “todrick you look like a d*** fool” and “f*** todrick and I said that s***,” a reference to something Tiffany Mitchell said on “Big Brother 23.”

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Olga Bagley
Olga Bagley
7 months ago

That’s funny for Todrick to Sprew Such hate for white Woman but if he wasn’t a Cheerleader for the Same Sex he had a white busted Blonde hanging from his arm

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