Todrick Hall Breaks His ‘Big Brother’ Silence: ‘It Was Just a Game’

Todrick Hall

Getty Todrick Hall.

After the season finale of “Celebrity Big Brother” on February 23, runner-up Todrick Hall canceled all press interviews.

After weeks of being sequestered in the “Big Brother” house, Hall emerged to discover that the jurors and “Big Brother” fans were upset with his behavior on the show. He didn’t speak publicly about his time on “Celebrity Big Brother” until March 13, when he told fans via Instagram that he would address the backlash against him once his tour kicked off.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hall spoke out for the first time about how he feels about the experience. He told the outlet that he apologized for saying “a lot of things that offended people” but added that, “for me, it was just a game.”

Hall Addressed His Use of Personal Attacks in the Game

Lying, backstabbing, and manipulation are par for the course in the game of “Big Brother.” But fans weren’t happy with Hall for some of the things he said about other houseguests that had nothing to do with gameplay, particularly his comments about the way Shanna Moakler dressed and how she got famous.

“I wish that the personal statements wouldn’t have been said. I wish I wouldn’t have crossed into a personal level. But I don’t regret being on the show and I’ve learned a lot from it,” Hall told Entertainment Tonight.

“I think my biggest regret is ever letting the lines of game and reality blur together, and ever saying anything negative to somebody. I actually liked everybody in the house,” the singer and choreographer said. “There’s not anybody I didn’t like and I’ve seen people on ‘Big Brother’ get into huge fights and then years later they’re at each other’s weddings. I hope that something similar could happen here because I feel like I really formed a great bond with certain people.”

Despite speculation that Hall and Miesha Tate have had a falling out since “Celebrity Big Brother,” Hall told ET that they “still talk and text every day.”

How Hall Really Feels About Moakler

Hall convinced Shanna Moakler’s allies to turn on her, which ultimately led to her eviction from “Celebrity Big Brother.” On her way out the door, Moakler told Hall she would convince the jury to vote against him. However, Hall insists that he likes Moakler as a person.

“I really, really liked her. They didn’t show this, but I was the person rooting for her on the other side of the house for a long time,” he told ET. “I thought she had great fashion. We had a lot of real moments. It is unfortunate to me that we are the ones that were butting heads the most. But I think time heals all wounds.”

He also said that the viewers at home missed key pieces of his and Moakler’s arc in the house when the live feeds were down.

“On certain days, the live feeds were only on seven percent. The audience is forced to try to fill in the blanks of what happened during that time with information,” Hall said. “There are certain parts of Shanna and I’s situation that are just completely not true.”

He said that he “didn’t have any issues with [Shanna] until she started having issues with me first.”

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