Why Fans Think Miesha Tate & Todrick Hall Had a Falling Out

Todrick Hall Miesha Tate

CBS Todrick Hall and Miesha Tate at the 'Celebrity Big Brother' finale.

UFC fighter Miesha Tate and musician/YouTuber Todrick Hall ran the house during the third season of “Celebrity Big Brother.”

Miesha and Todrick formed a friendship early on in the game. They remained loyal to each other until the very end when Miesha won the final Head of Household competition and brought Todrick with her to the final two. Both Todrick and Miesha were blindsided by the attitude of the jury on finale night. In our exit interview with Miesha, she said that the jury’s comments about Todrick “really stunned me, to be honest.”

After Todd Bridges was evicted from “Celebrity Big Brother,” he told Heavy that he predicted even Miesha would turn against Todrick once she was out of the house. “Celebrity Big Brother” fans now think that’s exactly what happened.

She Didn’t Immediately Follow Him on Instagram

Miesha and Todrick were best friends in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house so it seemed odd to fans that the mixed martial artist wasn’t following the choreographer on Instagram. Especially because she followed other “Celebrity Big Brother” alums including Carson Kressley and Cynthia Bailey.

In a March 3 Reddit thread, fans discussed the possible reasons for Miesha not following Todrick. “I never thought for a second they would be friends outside of the house,” one Reddit user wrote. “I’m just playing armchair psychologist here, but he talked about her in so many of his DRs (diary room segments) and she rarely did. Not to mention all the constant compliments that she just replied with an awkward laugh,” the comment continues.

Miesha has since followed Todrick on Instagram. He follows her as well.

Todd Bridges Implied that Miesha Sees ‘The Truth’ About Todrick

Todd Bridges left the “Celebrity Big Brother” house on good terms with everyone. But after watching clips and reading things online, he became frustrated with the way Todrick and Miesha had talked about him behind his back in the house.

In our exit interview with him, Todd said, “Watching him and Miesha talk about me the way they did was just really sad…I thought Miesha was better than that but she believes Todrick. She’s caught under that Todrick little web.”

On March 4, 9 days after the “Celebrity Big Brother” finale, Todd tweeted, “Had a great conversation with misha (sic) Tate she is a very upright woman. I’m very happy she see’s (sic) the truth. 🥰🥰🥰.”

Some fans thought this tweet meant that Miesha now agrees that Todrick treated people poorly in the house. “I’m glad u got to talk to her. At 1st I was afraid she fell for Todricks BS. Glad I was wrong,” one Twitter user replied.

But some fans felt that Miesha shouldn’t get a free pass after going along with Todrick for the entire game. “Something about this bothers me though. So she uses Todrick to win, professes to be his friend for life, and then turns on him when he’s no longer useful to her? I would need more details before I could see this as anything but questionable,” one Twitter user wrote.

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