Why Fans Are Furious About Todrick’s Parting Words to Shanna

Celebrity Big Brother

CBS Todrick Hall, Shanna Moakler, Cynthia Bailey, and Carson Kressley on 'Celebrity Big Brother.'

When Shanna Moakler left the “Celebrity Big Brother” house after a unanimous eviction vote, she told Todrick Hall she would get the jury to vote against him.

Todrick responded with a seemingly innocuous phrase, “don’t be too hard on me now.” But after a conversation between Todrick, Carson Kressley, and Cynthia Bailey on the live feeds, “Celebrity Big Brother” fans are horrified by the hidden meaning behind Todrick’s words.

In a live feeds clip, Cynthia asked Carson if he realized the significance of what Todrick said to Shanna. Todrick was sitting with them as well. “Oh yeah. And I was like ‘oh my god, he went there?'” Carson says. “Cause, she was saying it was like one of, you know, the most painful like, terrible things,” he continued.

Shanna had previously told Todrick, Cynthia, and Carson about a home invader who had tapped on her window and said, “don’t be too hard on me.”

In a Reddit thread discussing the incident, “Celebrity Big Brother” fans weren’t happy with Todrick for throwing a traumatic incident from Shanna’s past in her face.

“Wow. Todrick deserves all the hate he gets. He is a mean-spirited individual who needs to grow up and stop acting like a middle-school bully. It’s low-class,” one Reddit user wrote. “I guess Todrick is the person you confide in and then he uses it against you later,” another said.

Todrick Said He Didn’t Plan to Use the Phrase

In his conversation with Carson and Cynthia, Todrick said he didn’t plan to whip out the loaded phrase. “It’s so crazy though because I didn’t even…that was not planned,” Todrick said.

He continued to say that he didn’t anticipate Shanna making a remark about turning the jury against him. But when she did, the “don’t be too hard on me” retort just came to him. “Yeah, it was in my subconscious. I didn’t even remember like that, that I knew that until she said that to me,” he said.

Viewers were also disappointed to see that Cynthia was laughing at the incident. “Where all the Cynthia fans at? I know yall not defending this. Sitting there laughing at something like this? That s***was FAR FROM FUNNY,” one viewer wrote on Twitter.

“It annoys me how Cynthia is laughing recalling this when she knows it was traumatic for Shanna,” another said.

The Hashtag #TodrickExposedParty is Trending on Twitter

“Celebrity Big Brother” fans have been disappointed with Todrick Hall’s behavior on the show. So much so that #TodrickExposedParty has become a popular hashtag to tweet about Todrick’s actions on the live feeds as well as things he did before appearing on “Celebrity Big Brother.”

A makeup artist used the hashtag to come forward about Todrick not paying her for working on one of his music videos. “I texted two separate assistants for MONTHS trying to get paid. I was straight up ignored. How do you not pay your crew,” one of her tweets reads.

Clips of Simon Cowell giving Todrick some very harsh criticism on “American Idol” have also resurfaced under the hashtag.

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