‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Fans Want The Cookout to Call Todrick Out

Todrick and the cookout

Instagram/Todrick Hall Todrick Hall with members of the "Big Brother 23" Cookout alliance and Derek Xiao.

Todrick Hall has been criticized for some of his behavior in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house, particularly commenting on the way Shanna Moakler dresses.

Members of the “Big Brother 23” all-Black alliance The Cookout have been friends with Todrick since he invited them to stay at his house after the season 23 finale. Cookout member Hannah Chaddha said she was rooting for Todrick to win “Celebrity Big Brother” when she was a guest on “Rob Has a Podcast.” She also acknowledged it had been hard to watch her friend getting lambasted on the internet.

Now that Todrick has upset the “Big Brother” fanbase with his use of personal attacks in the game, some fans are calling for the Cookout to speak out against their famous friend. “In order for the Cookout to rise above Todrick they would have to move out of his house. Their silence is very telling,” one viewer tweeted.

Another wrote, “The Cookout ignoring how toxic and disgusting Todrick is because he lets them all live in his house for free.”

Some fans don’t think the Cookout has to stop being friends with Todrick in order for them to hold him accountable.

“The Cookout members do realize they can still be friends with Todrick while simultaneously calling him out on his BS in the house right? Cause good friends should want to help their friends grow and call them out if they’re being s****ty,” one viewer tweeted.

Tiffany Mitchell Has Responded to Fans Criticizing Her For Not Calling Todrick Out

Tiffany Mitchell is regarded as the mastermind behind the Cookout’s winning strategy. She was voted America’s Favorite Player at the end of season 23.

Fans have been tweeting at her, criticizing her for continuing to support Todrick. She has not shied away from clapping back.

When one Twitter user implied that Tiffany was only staying silent on Todrick’s behavior because “he lets you live in his house for free,” Tiffany responded, “I own my own house love. But continue.”

The user then added, “But you could hold your friend accountable for saying some pretty f***ed up s***, can’t you??” Tiffany replied, “Every single adult is held account(able) for their own actions. I am NOT a judge, y’all have all those seats filled.”

Fans Think Todrick’s Comments on Race Are the Opposite of The Cookout’s Mission

On “Big Brother 23,” The Cookout made it their mission to stick together as the only Black people in the house and ensure that the show got its first-ever Black winner.

Although some people criticized The Cookout for racism, the “Big Brother” fanbase was overwhelmingly supportive of the mission. The fans felt The Cookout’s strategy was not about targeting people for their skin color but sticking together to achieve a greater goal.

Todrick’s comments on race have been far less well-received. He asked Lamar Odom if they really wanted to help “some like white blonde girl get to the end,” referring to Shanna Moakler.

“I feel like Todrick took everything the cookout did and said, “how can I make this toxic?” one viewer tweeted. “Everything that racist old people on facebook said the cookout was doing is what todrick is actually doing,” another wrote.

“Big Brother” alum Janelle Pierzina tweeted, “I do love the cookout. They never targeted someone based on skin though. Their movement ( in my opinion) was about getting a the first black winner. Todrick is saying a white person with blonde hair should never win.”

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