‘Celebrity Big Brother:’ Who Wins Head of Household Spoilers

Celebrity Big Brother

Paramount Plus The fourth Head of Household competition of the 2022 'Celebrity Big Brother' season.

On the February 11 episode of “Celebrity Big Brother,” Chris Kirkpatrick became the third houseguest evicted.

Miesha Tate, Chris’s former ally, named him as the replacement nominee after Shanna Moakler blindsided her by using the power of veto on Carson Kressley. Although Chris was in on the plan to use the veto, it backfired on him and he was evicted by a unanimous vote.

After the live eviction, the houseguests headed outside to compete in a Head of Household competition called “Angry Glam Squad.” The houseguests had to hold onto director’s chairs as long as they could, even as they were blasted with rainbow-colored spray paint. As the outgoing HOH, Miesha was not eligible to compete. The competition played out on the live feeds.


6’10” former NBA player Lamar Odom was the first one to fall. “Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum Cynthia Bailey fell second. Todd Bridges hung on for a while, but eventually became the third person to fall. Shanna Moakler fell shortly after.

At 7:56 p.m. Pacific time, Todrick dropped and Carson Kressley became the next Head of Household.

Carson & Todrick Made a Deal Before Todrick Fell

Right before Todrick fell, Carson could be heard saying, “I can make a deal. Yup. Promise.” After the competition, Carson told Cynthia that he’d promised Todrick he wouldn’t nominate him.

Time will tell if Carson will honor the deal he made with Todrick. But it’s likely that Todrick isn’t Carson’s main target this week anyways. He probably has his sights set on Miesha, who has now nominated him for eviction twice.

Will Carson nominate Miesha straight up or will he try to backdoor her? Tune in for the nomination ceremony episode on Sunday, February 13 at 8 p.m. Eastern time on CBS and Paramount Plus.

Who Will Carson Nominate?

Carson can’t get both Todrick and Miesha out this week, so he might choose to honor his promise to Todrick and nominate Miesha and a pawn. With only 7 houseguests remaining (three evicted and one who left voluntarily), Carson’s nomination options are dwindling.

Since he’s close with Shanna and Cynthia, his only real pawn options are Lamar and Todd. If Miesha wins the veto and comes off the block, he could put Todrick up and backdoor him, no matter what he promised.

The dangerous thing about keeping Todrick off the block though is the veto. If Todrick gets to play in the veto and wins, he could take Miesha off the block. As the veto holder, he could not be used as a replacement nominee. That would leave Carson and his allies in a bad spot going into the next eviction cycle.

Shanna’s Veto Move Paid Off

Shanna using the power of veto to save Carson in the last eviction cycle was a risky move. She alienated Miesha and helped send her closest ally, Chris, out the door. But the move has already paid off.

If Shanna hadn’t saved Carson, he would be outside the “Celebrity Big Brother” house right now and Todrick would almost certainly have won Head of Household. That would’ve guaranteed him and Miesha safety for another week and given comp beast Miesha another chance to compete in an HOH competition.

By using the veto, Shanna redistributed the power in the house and gave her side a fighting chance.

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