‘The Challenge’s’ Da’Vonne Rogers Has a Message For Former Co-Star

Da'Vonne Rogers on Big Brother 22

CBS Da'Vonne Rogers on Big Brother 22

One Big Brother all-star contestant has some strong words for Christmas Abbott. In a recent video breaking down season 22, The Challenge alum Da’Vonne Rogers recounted a time when she was trying to keep herself from getting voted out of the Big Brother house and Abbott was coming at her with what she saw as some really fake sentiments.

Here’s what Rogers had to say.

Rogers Said It Was Too Little, Too Late

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If you’ll recall, in week seven, Rogers was on the block alongside Kevin Campbell. She was working hard at staying in the house, which she said in her recent video is the only reason she even considered having a conversation with Abbott.

“The only reason I entertained this final conversation with Christmas is because I’m still fighting to stay in the house,” said Rogers, going on to say that Abbott wanted to act like they had so much in common and would be great friends outside of the house.

“She talkin’ about ‘Oh, you know, we’re the same, we’re both Alphas.’ Girl, I’m not trying to have tea and crumpets with you, I’m trying to stay in this house. I’m trying to get y’all’s vote,” said Rogers, who also said that their two children were not going to be friends so Abbott needed to stop pretending like that’s what was going to happen.

“We will never be the same. ‘Oh, I can’t wait for Loyal and Kadence [to meet].’ Loyal will never know Kadence, this is never happening. You will never know my child, my child will never know you. Get that out your head. What are you talking about?” said Rogers.

Abbott’s Ignorant Comments Also Came Up

Earlier in the summer, Abbott nominated the two Black women, Rogers and Bayleigh Dayton, in the same week when she was Head of Household; Dayton ultimately went home that week. And at the time, Abbott made some pretty racially-charged comments, saying she was “scared” of Dayton and Rogers and what they might do to her, like attack her or shoot her.

It turned into a huge fight in the house. So when Rogers was finally about to be evicted, she could not believe that Abbott then wanted to make amends.

“‘I wanna right my wrongs, I’ve been ignorant about this, I wanna learn from this.’ All of a sudden you want to learn, when I’m about to leave? When I was here and you had free access to education and free access to all of this wisdom, you didn’t want to learn s***, but the minute I’m about to leave and the door’s closed, now you wanna educate yourself?! Girl, bye,” said Rogers.

This is not the first time Rogers has thrown shade Abbott’s way since the show ended. When Rogers finally saw the clip of Abbott talking about Rogers shooting her for being nominated, Rogers tweeted, “I was and AM fully aware of the one-foot felon.”

That was in reference to Abbott’s arrest in 2018 when she hit another woman’s car with her SUV when she thought the woman was having an affair with her baby daddy, Benjamin Bunn.

This was also not the only shade Rogers threw in the recent video she made. She actually spent more of the video rehashing her relationship with David Alexander, whose gameplay Rogers said was “all over the place.”

“Were you actually playing Big Brother or were you kind of just there? What game, sis? What game did I ruin? What game? ‘Cause you were all over the place, so what game? Not to say I’m some sort of top-tier player, but what game?” Rogers said of Alexander.

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, we might get a new season of Big Brother Canada this winter/spring.

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