‘Big Brother’s’ Claire Rehfuss Weighs In On the Cookout Alliance

'Big Brother 23' houseguest Claire Rehfuss

CBS 'Big Brother 23' houseguest Claire Rehfuss

In her eviction interview with Heavy, evicted “Big Brother 23” houseguest Claire Rehfuss reveals which cast member she thinks could take Xavier Prather out and who is in the worst position within the Cookout.

Claire Loves and Admires Tiffany

'Big Brother 23': Claire Rehfuss Exit InterviewClaire Rehfuss talks to Heavy about if she has any hard feelings toward Tiffany Mitchell, who she thinks could take out Xavier Prather, and who is in the worst position in the house right now.2021-09-10T14:39:33Z

Heavy: It was such an emotional week. How do you feel about Tiffany now? What is your relationship like with her now?

Claire: I have nothing but admiration and respect for Tiffany in this game. She is my absolute best friend in the house and she would’ve been my final two. I can’t help but love her and adore her just as much as I did at the beginning of the week, although it’s been a very highs-and-lows type of week. I just absolutely adore her and I look forward to still being her friend outside of this game.

Claire Is Worried No One Will Take a Shot at Xavier

Heavy: Do you think Xavier really does have this game in the bag?

Claire: I think that Xavier could have this game in the bag. People are going to have to start looking at him and taking shots at him and hopefully, in my … eviction speech, hopefully, I made people realize that and actually start thinking about that. But I think that he has the most paths to the end. That said, there’s a lot of game left to be played and I think he could be taken out sooner than later.

Heavy: Do you think anyone in the house will take Xavier out before it’s too late?

Claire: I have a really hard time seeing who it would be. Azah told me before I left that her and Big D and X have a final three and she’s hoping that someone else takes the shot, but she doesn’t realize that it has to be her. I’m afraid that Tiffany or Chaddha might go [this week], but I think that they would take the shot. Kyland is just gonna be Kyland until the end of the game and I don’t really see him taking that shot either. So I don’t know who takes that shot. I don’t think Alyssa does it and I think that it’s very easy to be too late to make a shot in this game, and it’s very hard to be too early. When you have a shot, you gotta take it.

Who Is In Danger This Week?

Heavy: Besides Alyssa, who do you think is in the worst position in the house right now?

Claire: Uhhh, I think that Azah’s in a really bad spot. Of course, I think Tiffany’s in the worst spot. I think Tiffany’s the most likely person to be following me outside. I think that I’ll be seeing her very soon. But then I think that Azah’s in a bad spot to win this game. She might make it far, but I think that if she gets to the end, I don’t think that she will win it.

“Big Brother” season 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on CBS.

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TheDevine MsD
TheDevine MsD
11 days ago

What an idiot!
I have friends I’ve had for a lifetime.
However, I’m not going to handover $750,000.00 because people of a different race can win!
NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! I will not be watching a show that bends to the whims of a person…..NO MATTER WHAT RACE THEY ARE!

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