Cody Calafiore Lists the Most Attractive ‘Big Brother’ Alums

Cody Calafiore Big Brother

Youtube "Big Brother" winner Cody Calafiore recently revealed who he thinks are the hottest BB players of all time.

Summer means “Big Brother” and BB all-star Cody Calafiore is turning up the heat by calling out some of the most attractive players of all time.

In a recent live stream on his Twitch page, Calafiore answered questions from “Big Brother” fans, including who he thinks are the most attractive former houseguests. “For guys, I think Dom’s really attractive, Tyler’s really attractive,” the “Big Brother” all-star said.

Calafiore was referring to Dominic Briones and Tyler Crispen, both of who are still involved with romantic partners they met on the show. Briones is married to Daniele Donato (BB8, BB13, and BB22) and Crispen is engaged to Angela Rummans (BB20).

Calafiore then went on to weigh in on the women of “Big Brother.” “For the girls, the best-looking one is probably Haleigh from (season) 20. Zakiyah has wild beauty,” he said.

Haleigh Broucher was on BB20 with Crispen and Rummans while Zakiyah Everette was on BB18. Everette had a showmance with Calafiore’s brother Paulie during her season.

Calafiore’s Girlfriend Also Chimed in

Calafiore’s longtime girlfriend Cristie LaRatta also had some comments on the most attractive female players in “Big Brother” history. She name-dropped Analyse Talavera (BB21), Natalie Negrotti (BB18), and Jessica Graf Nickson (BB19).

Graf Nickson is married to her “Big Brother” sweetheart Cody Nickson. Could Calafiore be the next “Big Brother” alum to get engaged? He recently joked on Twitch that he’s waiting for LaRatta to propose. It all started when a fan asked when he was going to pop the question and LaRatta said she doesn’t believe that women need to wait around for the man to ask.

LaRatta is a cancer survivor. In 2017, Calafiore shared a touching Instagram post about LaRatta’s diagnosis, treatment, and resilience throughout the entire journey.

“6 months ago my beautiful girlfriend Cristie was diagnosed with cancer. Today I am very happy to say she’s going in for her last chemo treatment and I couldn’t be more proud of the strength and resilience she has shown through this crazy time in her life,” Calafiore wrote.

CBS Recently Teased ‘Hot Bot Summer’

Zing! Get ready for everybody’s favorite savage robot! The official “Big Brother” Twitter account recently shared an image of Zingbot with the words “Hot Bot Summer.”

“It’s about to be a summer full of Big Brother, and our favorite bot is bringing the heat. Watch the premiere of #BB@# on July 7th,” the tweet read.

The comments on the tweet were full of fans demanding that “Big Brother” reveal the cast for BB23. “You posted this without a cast reveal date attached…? Choices…,” one fan replied. Another wrote, “besties where is the cast reveal.”

Another Twitter user jokingly stated that the post proved that Taran Armstrong, a live feed correspondent for “Big Brother Canada” will be a houseguest this summer. “Hot bot summer is an anagram of Taran Armstrong. Coincidence? #BB23” the user tweeted.

The Cast Will Allegedly Be Revealed on June 30

The well-known “Big Brother” spoiler account @spoilergirl1 recently tweeted, “my source says cast reveal is 6/30 unless something changes.”

If the information is correct, the cast will be revealed exactly one week before the season 23 premiere.

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