How ‘Big Brother’s’ Bayleigh Dayton ‘Tanked’ Her All-Star Game

Bayleigh Dayton in Big Brother 22

CBS Bayleigh Dayton in Big Brother 22

After 85 days, Cody Calafiore was crowned the winner of Big Brother 22. While the season as a whole may not have been as exciting an all-stars season as the fans were hoping for, Calafiore certainly played an all-star caliber game. He won four Head of Household comps, four Power of Veto comps, and he was never nominated for eviction the entire season.

In an exit interview, Calafiore reveals who he would have voted for if he had not won the final Head of Household and he also names the player who absolutely tanked their game very early on.

Calafiore Says Bayleigh Sealed Her Fate Very Early

Big Brother 22 – The Final 2 Make Their Case To The JuryWith $500,000 on the line, Big Brother 22's Enzo Palumbo and Cody Calafiore offer a final speech to convince the Jurors why they should win Big Brother: All-Stars. Stream every season of Big Brother on CBS All Access. Subscribe to the "Big Brother' Channel HERE: Watch Full Episodes of "Big Brother" HERE: Follow…2020-10-29T08:33:27Z

When asked if he ever felt like he was in real danger of being evicted, Calafiore doesn’t really have an answer (because he never really was in real danger), but he does point out that he quickly got rid of several people who said “very alarming” things to him early on in the game.

First off was Kaysar Ridha, whom viewers saw openly admit he wanted to target Calafiore. But it turns out Calafiore was also on high alert about Bayleigh Dayton. He said she was not very smart in her gameplay early on in the house.

“Very early on [Bayleigh] said something to me that was very alarming. And it was in the fifth week when she went home. It was, ‘You’re somebody that I feel like nobody’s going to want to sit next to at the end of the game.’ She said that to me very early on, which was very alarming,” said Calafiore. “And so that’s why that week, even though I love Bayleigh, I was like, ‘I don’t know that I really want to fight for Bayleigh to stay because that’s a bad thing to say to somebody early in the game. I don’t want that, like spreading throughout the house.'”

Calafiore also acknowledges that the fact that his alliance kept winning power was key — “it was like the stress wasn’t there” to feel like he was in real danger.

Calafiore Thinks He Would Have Been a Bitter Jury Member

Big Brother 22 – Cody Chooses Who's Going To Final 2Big Brother 22's Cody Calafiore makes an extremely tough decision after winning the final HOH of the season. Who will he take to the Final 2? Stream every season of Big Brother on CBS All Access. Subscribe to the "Big Brother' Channel HERE: Watch Full Episodes of "Big Brother" HERE: Follow "Big Brother"…2020-10-29T08:31:52Z

In his exit interview with Entertainment Weekly, Calafiore was asked about the hypothetical where he doesn’t win the final Head of Household. If he ended up on the jury, who would have had his vote?

He initially said that was “such a difficult question” because he “respected both [Nicole and Enzo’s] games so much.” But in this hypothetical, Nicole Franzel would have to have been the one who cut him because she would have won the final HOH, so he said that he thinks he would have been pretty bitter about that — though he waffled a bit on that.

“Well, who cut me? Nicole. Then I would’ve voted Enzo. Although I think I wouldn’t have voted bitterly, so maybe I would have voted for Nicole. I don’t know. Well, maybe I would’ve been bitter. And in that moment, maybe I just would have voted for Enzo. I don’t know. I thought both of their games were so incredible, but maybe I’ll say Enzo just ‘cause I would’ve been bitter,” said Calafiore.

But would that have been enough to give Enzo Palumbo the win? Calafiore is convinced that Franzel had at least four votes on the jury — Da’Vonne Rogers, Ian Terry, Kevin Campbell, and Christmas Abbott — and would have only needed one more to swing her way to beat him, which is why he cut her.

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, there are rumors that CBS is trying to put together Celebrity Big Brother 3 and we might get a new season of Big Brother Canada this winter/spring as well.

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