‘Big Brother’s’ Cody Nickson Comments on the Cookout Alliance

Cody Nickson on Big Brother

CBS Cody Nickson on Big Brother

“Big Brother 19” alum Cody Nickson was recently asked if he thinks the Cookout alliance is racist for being made up of houseguests who are all people of color. His answer surprised a lot of fans. Here is what Nickson had to say.

Nickson Says the Cookout Alliance is Not Racist

In an Instagram Q&A session (via Reddit), Nickson was asked, “Thoughts on BB and how ‘the cookout’ is basically all blacks get whites out. Racist?”

Nickson gave a thoughtful answer about how you see white alliances all the time and neither one is based on hate.

“They don’t hate white people, that’s an absurd stretch,” wrote Nickson in his story. “They came together based on trust, not hate. You’ve seen a lot of white alliances on the show… you’d have to judge them with the same measure.”

He also said that people who have a lot in common tend to gravitate toward each other.

“In society, we see people we trust and we go towards them,” Nickson continued. “If I’m in a large group and I see a bunch of Marine Corps infantrymen standing together, I would go right to them.”

Nickson finished in 11th place on “Big Brother 19.” His now-wife, Jessica Graf, was evicted just before he was, in 12th place. They later married — and asked Julie Chen Moonves to officiate but she said no for fear of playing favorites — and they now have two daughters together.

Fans Were Pleasantly Surprised By This Take

Nickson is known for his controversial views, like referring to the COVID-19 pandemic as a “scamdemic.” So some Reddit users were surprised to hear this take on the subject matter.

“Never would I have expected to be impressed with an opinion of Cody Nickson,” wrote one user. Another added, “I triple-checked it was Cody Nickson and not Cody Calafiore because I was so floored.”

One user defended Nickson by saying that he “gets baited a lot” by people trying “to get him to say stuff to get him in trouble,” though they did also acknowledge that “he also says dumb stuff himself too.”

Twitter has been ablaze since the Cookout was formed with people arguing both for and against it.

One user wrote, “‘Big Brother’ winners and top players have always been traditionally white men. That this cast has targeted them first is an obvious strategy. If they let them stay on, y’all would call this cast dumb. But now they’ve done the obvious and you call the cookout racist. STOP.”

Another said, “The Cookout Alliance is an ethno-alliance based on racial identity and strategy. Modeled the same way as the ‘white’ alliances, which you all call racist for years.”

A third pointed out, “The Cookout is not racist. As a teacher, reading the book, ‘Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?,’ was eye-opening. ‘group congregation becomes a means of flipping the power dynamics and affirming oneself in a social setting.’ Leave them alone.”

“Big Brother” season 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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