Find Out Which ‘Big Brother’ Alum’s ‘Life Goal’ is to Play ‘Survivor’

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Danielle Reyes is arguably the best Big Brother player who has never won. Yes, there are others who are certainly in the mix, but she ruled season three with an iron fist and probably would have won if the show kept the jury sequestered the way it started doing after Reyes lost in the finals to Lisa Donahue — a vote that fans thought was absolutely outrageous.

Reyes returned to play on all-stars in season seven, where she was eliminated in sixth place when ChillTown (Mike “Boogie” Malin and Will Kirby) turned Erika Landin against Reyes in week eight and booted Reyes.

Fans have asked her repeatedly if she would ever come back to the Big Brother house. The mother of two and grandmother of five recently said she would only return to TV for one reason. Read on to find out what she said.

Reyes Wants To Compete On ‘Survivor’

On Twitter, a fan asked Reyes if she’d considered playing in another all-star season or if they did a U.S. versus Canada version of Big Brother. Reyes said that her Big Brother days are over, but she is interested in another CBS reality show — Survivor.

“No more BB for me. I have my eye on another show. Outwit. Outplay. Outlast,” wrote Reyes.

Her fans immediately went crazy, writing things like “You would be so awesome on Survivor!” and “As someone who used to watch BB and saw both of your seasons, and as someone who still watches Survivor and has done for 7 1/2 years, you would CRUSH Survivor.”

Honestly, that second commenter is not wrong. We think Reyes is such a good strategist that she would do very, very well on Survivor. She’s smart, savvy, and extremely personable, so unless she was targeted early on as a huge threat, we would expect her to go pretty far in the game.

This isn’t the first time Reyes has mentioned wanting to play Survivor. Back in November, she tweeted, “It is my life goal to play Survivor” and in December, her partner caught her watching Survivor on Netflix and asked, “Studying,” to which she replied, “Maybe.”

In 2019, she also wrote that she loves Cirie Fields, a fan-favorite from four seasons of Survivor and that Reyes hopes “to be as good as her” when she plays Survivor.

Make this happen, Jeff Probst! Reyes would be such a good castaway.

Reyes is The Latest in a String of ‘Big Brother’ Players Who Want to Cross Over

Reyes is not the only Big Brother player who has their eye on a Survivor buff. Recently, Big Brother winner Rachel Reilly Villegas said that she would love to play Survivor, though she would want to play the “Blood vs. Water” format so that she could play with either her husband Brendon Villegas or her sister, Elissa Slater. All of them are Big Brother alums; they also all competed on The Amazing Race.

Janelle Pierzina and Da’Vonne Rogers have also said they would love to play Survivor. Pierzina told Entertainment Weekly in an interview that “everyone at CBS” knows she’s a huge fan of Survivor.

“I would absolutely 100 percent do Survivor. Like, it would be the biggest thing in my life. I love the show. I absolutely adore it,” said Pierzina, adding, “I would absolutely love it. I think everyone at CBS knows Survivor is my favorite show. I have never missed an episode. I rewatched seasons. I love it. I love the show.”

So far, the only Big Brother players to cross over to Jeff Probst’s island are Hayden Moss and Caleb Reynolds. No female contestants have ever done so and we think it’s high time they did.

In fact, we suspect that a Survivor season made up entirely of Big Brother players would actually be pretty amazing.

Survivor returns in the fall of 2021 with season 41, which is set to begin filming soon. Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, Big Brother Canada is set to premiere on March 3.

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