‘Big Brother’ Alum Questions DaVonne’s Legacy & Calls Her a Bad Player

Da'Vonne Big Brother

CBS A "Big Brother" alum says Da'Vonne didn't lay the groundwork for The Cookout.

Da’Vonne Rogers appeared on three seasons of “Big Brother” and was the first Black “Big Brother” contestant to win the “America’s Favorite Houseguest” prize.

Rogers has been outspoken in the past about racism on “Big Brother” and is rooting for The Cookout alliance this season. Many members of The Cookout have name-dropped Rogers in the live feeds. At one point, Hannah spoke directly to the cameras, addressing Rogers and her “Big Brother” ally Bayleigh Dayton. “I wouldn’t have applied if I hadn’t seen you two play together in all-stars,” Hannah says in the video.

While many fans feel that players like Rogers and Dayton paved the way for The Cookout to exist, one “Big Brother” winner doesn’t see it that way. In a Twitch stream, BB22 winner Cody Calafiore gave his opinions on Rogers’ legacy.

Calafiore Critiqued Rogers’ Gameplay

Via Twitch, Calafiore gave his opinions on Rogers’ role in The Cookout’s success. “Da’vonne did not lay the groundwork for this in the slightest bit at all. Da’Vonne is not a good Big Brother player, she had nothing to do with laying the groundwork for this,” he said.

Calafiore then continued on, saying, “this is not Da’Vonne’s doing, let’s not just like hand someone credit that doesn’t deserve it.” He said that credit should be given where it is due, to Xavier and Tiffany. 

Many fans were outraged, pointing out that members of The Cookout themselves have credited Da’Vonne with making their gameplay possible. Andy Herren of “Big Brother 15” tweeted, “Hasn’t pretty much every Cookout member *literally* said out loud that they’re doing this for Da’Vonne? She ABSOLUTELY helped lay the groundwork for The Cookout. Cody is just plain wrong here.”

Rogers Responded On Twitter

Rogers reacted to Calafiore’s words on Twitter, questioning why he felt the need to critique her if she’s such a bad player. “Now why that yt man got my name in his mouth…. Again? Won a whole season and I still outshined him … with my terrible bb playin a**,” she wrote on Twitter

In another tweet, Rogers wrote that Calafiore is, “mad that on HIS season the only thing people still talk about is MY VETO WIN and ME winning AFP (America’s Favorite Player).”

Rogers Says She’s Done With BB After This Season

According to Rogers, once a Black winner is crowned on finale night, she plans to “completely detach” from the “Big Brother” community.

“I’m glad that chapter is closed…and after this season I can completely detach from the show I finally got what I wanted ❤️,” she wrote on Twitter.

“Big Brother” correspondent Aman Adwin replied, “Completely detach? I feel like your legacy lives on for future seasons. I get having the closure but I hope that you’ll continue to offer commentary, however little, in the future. 🧡  we love you Day.”

In another tweet, Adwin had some choice words for Calafiore. “F*** you Cody. Just sit there and collect your bull**** a** check from your bull**** a** season. Beauty fades, dumb is forever,” he wrote.
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