Former ‘Big Brother’ Players Supporting One All-Star for America’s Favorite Player


The voting window for America’s Favorite Player on Big Brother 22 is almost closed and a lot of former players are pushing hard for one houseguest to win the $25,000 prize. Here’s what you need to know about who they all want to see win.

Da’Vonne Rogers Has A Lot of Support For America’s Favorite Player

Quite a lot of former Big Brother players are rallying support for Rogers to win America’s Favorite Player for season 22.

Josh Martinez tweeted, “Have a lot of friends in this game, but this is long overdue – Davonne deserves AFP for many reasons. Let’s make it happen.”

Natalie Negrotti posted to Twitter, “All I gatta say is @DayDaVonne_ for AFP!!!! The meme queen deserves it, she gives us laughter all year long.”

Andy Herren wrote, “The best thing to happen this season will be Da’Vonne winning America’s Favorite Player because SHE DESERVES IT.”

Danielle Reyes made up her mind in early October, writing, “Hi, I appreciate your feedback and passion for the game. I want to be crystal clear that no matter what your view is on AFP….I’m voting for Da’Vonne Dianne Rogers. PERIODT!. No need to waste your energy on a response. Thank you and have a blessed day.”

Amanda Zuckerman wrote, “I think @DayDaVonne_ should win AFP because she went into the big brother house for a purpose, and used every opportunity to raise awareness for the #BLM movement, and equal rights. She didn’t do self-promoting, or try to sell us anything. I appreciate her, and the cause.”

And Paul Calafiore, whose own brother is playing the game, tweeted a message that some fans think is a dig at Janelle Pierzina, who has said if she wins AFP, she’ll donate the money to Give Kids the World, the Hearts of Reality charity organization.

“If you’re one of the humans bragging about how amazing your life is and how well off you are yet refuse to endorse @DayDaVonne_ A STRONG SINGLE MOTHER for AFP because of your ego. You’re a piece of sh*t and a phony. That’s all I’ll say,” wrote Calafiore.

But Pierzina has even said she hopes Rogers wins it:

Both Steve Moses and Angela Rockstar have tweeted screencaps of them having voted for Rogers for America’s Favorite Player, and even Dr. Will Kirby thinks Rogers is a good choice. He told US Weekly in an interview that her eviction speech was “one of the best exit speeches of all time” and that it “puts her at the top of the list for America’s Favorite Player.”

The Voting Closes Tuesday, October 27

Here’s how to vote. Head to the official CBS website here where you can cast up to 10 votes per day until Tuesday, October 27 at 9 a.m. Pacific/noon Eastern.

Past winners of America’s Favorite Player include Janelle Pierzina (season 7), James Zinkand (season 9), Keesha Smith (season 10), Jeff Schroeder (seasons 11 and 13), Britney Haynes (season 12), Frank Eudy (season 14), Elissa Slater (season 15), Donny Thompson (season 16), James Huling (season 17), Victory Arroyo (season 18), Cody Nickson (season 19), Tyler Crispen (season 20), and Nicole Anthony (season 21).

Based on the very vocal fan contingents, it sounds like the AFP frontrunners are Rogers, Tyler Crispen, and Janelle Pierzina.

The final two Big Brother 22 episodes of the season air Monday, October 26 at 8 p.m. ET/PT and Wednesday, October 28 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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