‘Big Brother’ All-Star Claps Back at Castmate’s Racially-Charged Remarks

The Big Brother All-Stars Cast

CBS The Big Brother All-Stars Cast

The fallout from Big Brother 22 has been arguably more entertaining than the show itself ever was. Janelle Pierzina is throwing shade left and right, and now Da’Vonne Rogers has responded finding out about the way Christmas Abbott was talking about her and Bayleigh Dayton behind their backs in the house.

What Christmas Said About Rogers and Dayton

The week that Abbott won Head of Household, she nominated Rogers and Dayton and a huge fight erupted. Now, that fight happened between all three women and they later apologized to each other and “were able to squash it,” as Abbott told Entertainment Tonight Canada in a post-eviction interview.

“Gameplay, for me, is different than personal connection. I can personally connect with someone and still evict them. For my gameplay in that situation was that both Bayleigh and DayVonne were coming after my alliance, the Committee … and I had to, as the HOH that week, be responsible for making sure that didn’t happen … me and Bayleigh were able to squash it, I apologized to her, I apologized to DayVonne, they both apologized back and we were able to put that behind us,” said Abbott.

However, Dayton and Rogers were not privy to Abbott talking privately about being “scared” of them.

In talking with her Committee alliance-mates, Abbott said of Rogers and Dayton, “I’m going to get shot. Somebody is going to put a fork in my face. … I’m scared, and I’m not easily spooked.”

A lot of fans took umbrage at the language being used to described the only two Black women in the house, especially talking about being shot — last time anyone checked, firearms are not allowed in the Big Brother house.

Da’Vonne Called Out Christmas Being Arrested

After leaving the house, houseguests naturally dig through blog posts and social media to find out what went down that they didn’t know about. When a fan tweeted a video of Abbott, Rogers responded with some hilarious shade.

“I was and AM fully aware of the one-foot felon,” said Rogers.

In case you don’t know, that is a reference to Abbott’s arrest when she rammed a woman’s car with her SUV. In August 2018, Abbott thought her baby daddy Benjamin Bunn was cheating on her with a woman named Samantha Jane Morse, so she confronted the woman at Bunn’s gym and then rammed Morse’s car with her SUV.

She wasn’t booked until after she gave birth (because she was eight months pregnant at the time of the incident) and later took a plea deal that included community service, restitution fees, an anger management course, and a year of probation.

Fans and Houseguests Alike Appreciated the Dig

The fans thought Rogers’ dig was pretty funny, with one calling for her to replace the Zingbot and the new jury house moderator and another writing, “I need [One Foot Felon] to be the name of a Lifetime movie like yesterday.”

Then fellow all-star Janelle Pierzina got wind of this and tweeted, “I’m still over here laughing about Da’Vonne calling Christmas a One Foot Felon. It’s literally the tweet of the day and if post show is this good I may stick around.”

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, there are rumors that CBS is trying to put together Celebrity Big Brother 3 and we might get a new season of Big Brother Canada this winter/spring as well.

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