Why Two ‘Big Brother’ Stars Are No Longer Speaking

The Big Brother 22 cast

CBS The Big Brother 22 cast

Amidst all the contestants sniping at each other on social media after Big Brother 22 ended, two fan-favorite houseguests have had a falling out for a very real, very heartbreaking reason.

Kevin Campbell and Da’Vonne Rogers were on good terms for most of the game this summer, but they had an issue in the jury house that has caused a rift in their friendship that continues outside of the house. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Kevin Felt Ostracized Because Da’Vonne Didn’t Count Him as a Black Person in the House

Big Brother 22 – Kevin's Biracial BackgroundBig Brother 22's Kevin Campbell talks about wrestling with his biracial identity, growing up with Black and Japanese parents, and trying to find his place in both cultures. Watch new episodes of Big Brother: All-Stars on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access. Subscribe to the "Big Brother' Channel HERE:…2020-10-01T04:57:27Z

Campbell is biracial — he’s Black and Japanese. It’s something that came up during the season when he asked David Alexander what Alexander would consider him to be, race-wise?

“It depends on what you go by. It’s not obvious in your appearance, so that’s when people ask ‘what are you?'” said Alexander, to which Campbell responded that he felt a bit “Other-ized” and isolated because he wasn’t included among the Black cast members.

In the Diary Room, Campbell became quite emotional, saying, “My dad is Black and my mom is Japanese … but my whole life I feel somewhat invisible to both groups. I also understand why because I don’t present obviously African-American and I don’t present obviously Japanese, so I understand why I don’t fit in with them sometimes, but I want to.

He added, “Sometimes it’s so lonely to come from a mixed-race background because I don’t fit in anywhere. Even in your own community, you only get partially accepted.”

Da’Vonne, Kevin, and David Talked About It in the Jury House and Couldn’t Agree on Their Points of View

In an Instagram live, Campbell talked about how both he and Rogers have a valid point of view but they are completely different opinions, which makes them very disconnected on this issue, plus Rogers thought maybe Campbell was talking smack about her behind her back in the house.

“It basically was just a disconnect between two people. … We were trying to have a complex conversation and we just weren’t seeing eye to eye and we were both in the dark. Can you imagine having a complex conversation and we don’t know exactly what was shown?” said Campbell.

He continued, “I can see how she would be very cautious towards me because she was like ‘were you sh*t-talking me in the house?’ … and I’m was like no, I was just sharing my experience of how I wasn’t counted, I just found it kind of strange I was never counted [with the Black players]. I would love to continue the conversation because I do feel I need to learn a lot about that because I really do understand the perspective. I’m not saying me not being counted as one of the — they would say there’s only three Black players … I can see their perspective of how I would get overlooked in that regard, but the conversation doesn’t just end like that. Like count me and then it’s done. There’s a valid point to be made by Da’Vonne and then I have a valid point and it’s a very complicated conversation that quickly got to a misunderstanding in the jury house and then that led to us kind of ignoring each other.”

He also said that when Daniele Donato Briones entered the jury house, Da’Vonne began hanging out with her a lot and they didn’t talk much after that. But he said he’s still “obsessed” with Da’Vonne and is open to having another conversation with her.

Rogers first addressed the falling out on Twitter where she wrote that she felt like Campbell only wanted to “fully identify with his blackness AFTER 1. My speeches / convos 2. He realized no other alliance wanted him.”

She later made a video detailing their whole relationship, from how she wanted to work with him at first and he rejected her, to his problem being excluded as part of the Black players in the house. Rogers said Campbell “took every opportunity he got to let me know he was not [Black]” while they were in the house, but then in the jury house, he complained about being excluded.

“I said Kevin, you only wanted to be in our group when you realized that other people didn’t want to work with you … we wasn’t No. 1,” said Rogers.

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, we might get a new season of Big Brother Canada this winter/spring as well.

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