‘Big Brother’ Star Spills the Tea on a Former Friend

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Da’Vonne Rogers definitely has some things to say about the Big Brother all-stars season. She said she waited until she had enough distance from the season to not get emotional about it. In the first video, she talked about how hard she tried to be David Alexander’s friend in the house but he made it very difficult.

In her second video, she breaks down how her friendship with Kevin Campbell broke down over the course of the season. Now, at the top of the video, Rogers said that she always believes there are three sides to every story — one person’s point of view, the other person’s point of view, and the truth, which is usually somewhere in the middle. Everyone has their own perspective and their own truth and this is Rogers’ truth about her friendship with Campbell.

Rogers Has a DM Campbell Sent Her After the Show

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First off, Rogers addressed an Instagram live she heard Campbell did after the show ended where he was trash-talking her. But from her perspective, Campbell wanted to be friends. She showed a direct message that he sent her on Twitter that reads:

I wanted to reach out and let you know how I felt about you was real and I never meant to make you feel bad. I’m sure when we had our convo in jury I must have given you bad vibes and that set us spiraling in our separate ways. I truly did enjoy our moments together. You are a beautiful soul, and strong, smart and talented. Despite me failing miserably, thank you for making my time on BB enjoyable!

But she said that they aren’t going to be friends because he was a flip-flopper: “Kevin is a huge, ginormous, out-of-control flip-flopper. I mean, flippity flop flop flop pancake flapjack sandal.”

Rogers Wanted to Be Campbell’s Friend and Ally

Rogers explained that season 11, which is Campbell’s original season, is one of her favorite seasons of the show and Campbell was one of those people where, as she watched, Rogers decided he was her best friend in her head. Like, if they met, they would be best friends.

So in the house, she wanted to be his friend and a real friendship did start: “The friendship really started from the bottom and started to grow … It was a real, live friendship. It was. It was real real real.”

But Rogers said one of Campbell’s issues with her is that “he feels as if I did not acknowledge his Blackness. He feels I did not honor his Blackness.”

Rogers Said She Tried to Do That and Campbell Didn’t Want To Be Called Black

Rogers said that at the start of the season, she asked Campbell what his race was because she wasn’t sure and he said he was not “just Black, I’m Black and Japanese.”

But for Rogers, if Campbell’s father is Black (which he is), that makes him Black, which she admits is a product of her upbringing and might be ignorant, but there it is.

“This is where I am open to education and I am open to correction. I apologize if what I was taught growing up is an ignorant way of thinking, but again, this is what I was taught. But I’m open to correction and I’m open to education,” said Rogers. “I was taught that if your daddy was Black, you’re Black. The end. Period. If your daddy is Black, you’re Black. If your mom is Black and your daddy is something else, then it’s ‘oh, I’m mixed with blah blah blah blah.’ That is what I was taught. If that’s wrong and that is an ignorant way of thinking, again, I apologize, but that’s what I was taught.”

But she said that Campbell didn’t like that. He wanted to be called “Black-anese,” because he’s Black and Japanese, which is a term Rogers didn’t feel comfortable using because “what’s acceptable for [Campbell] may not be comfortable and acceptable to everybody else.”

Rogers said that Campbell didn’t want to be called Black because that didn’t honor both of his parents. He wanted to be called “half,” so that’s how she started saying there were “three and a half Black players” in the house.

Rogers Said Campbell Bragged About Being Able to Pass For Other Races

Kevin Campbell and DaVonne Rogers on Big Brother

CBSKevin Campbell and DaVonne Rogers on Big Brother

Rogers then recounted one conversation where she said Campbell was bragging about his ability to pass for a lot of different races, which really rubbed her and Bayleigh Dayton the wrong way.

“‘I let people consider me whatever it is they want me to be and then he begins to say ‘because I have the privilege.’ ‘Privilege’ is his word and I know it was his word and I’m saying it verbatim because it pissed me off and it pissed Bayleigh off,” said Rogers. “He had the ‘privilege’ to be whatever he wanted in whichever situation he wanted to be in. So he basically was like, ‘You know, because I don’t look like a Black man, in certain situations I can be Filippino or I can be Latino or I can be Japanese, or you know, when it’s convenient, I have the privilege of being around y’all and being Black.’ The privilege?! What?! The convenience?!”

She continued, “So you basically telling me on Monday you can be this race, Tuesday you can be this race … and then when you want to be, when it’s convenient, then you can be Black Kevin. I was done. I was so annoyed and I was so irritated and I was like, I can’t have these conversations with you ’cause you gonna piss me off.”

“It’s not that he’s mixed race, that’s not what pissed me off, it’s how he projects it that pisses me off,” Rogers said. “I don’t have the privilege of being something else. I’m Black all day every day whether it’s convenient or not.”

She said that Campbell “took every opportunity he got to let me know he was not [Black].” But then when they got to the jury house, he complained to Rogers about how she and Dayton excluded him from their alliance and didn’t honor him as a Black man.

“You told us not to call you Black!” she exclaimed in the video. “You said I’m not Black, I’m this. And I began to give him his words back. And he’s just like, ‘No, but still, you didn’t include me in your little group’ … and I said Kevin, you only wanted to be in our group when you realized that other people didn’t want to work with you … we wasn’t No. 1.”

She said that she finally had to tell Campbell they couldn’t be friends after this because way too much went down between them, plus she knew he was talking bad about her to Alexander and Ian Terry and whoever else would listen.

As we’ve said before — it’s a real shame there are no live feeds from the jury house because they sound lit.

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, Big Brother Canada is set to premiere on March 3.

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