Dominic Briones Talks About How ‘Big Brother’ Changed His Life

Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones on Big Brother

CBS Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones on Big Brother

Big Brother alum Dominic Briones is a talented photographer and videographer. On one recent adventure to get a spectacular drone shot, he almost died climbing out on a levee that stretches quite far out into the ocean. But it was all part of a vlog he wanted to make to inspire people to stop being afraid and “just say yes.”

Briones’s Adventure

I climbed rocks and almost fell in the ocean! SAYING YES (and testing A7SIII + Osmo Action vlogging)A cinematic short film about saying yes to opportunities and taking risks right now to do what you love. Not waiting for the future to try new things, take adventures, and have fun. In the film I test out the Dji Osmo Action for Vlogging, the Sony A7S III for vlogging, and the DJI Mini…2021-02-03T22:09:35Z

Briones writes on the video description that this is a “cinematic short film about saying yes to opportunities and taking risks right now to do what you love. Not waiting for the future to try new things, take adventures, and have fun. … Follow along as I do something I’ve always wanted to try, take some crazy risks, and try to get a dream shot.”

In the video, he explains that he has always wanted to traverse this levee in Pirate’s Cove, Orange County, California, but it’s a harrowing task.

I’m so stupid for not doing this earlier,” he says in the video as he makes his way out. “Definitely a little bit sketch out here. These rocks are no joke. And now I realize why there aren’t more people out here because yeah, almost slipped and died a few times.”

He continues, “The key is to get to the end, get my shot, and get all the way back in before sunset and high tide comes, which, of course, I did not check high tide because that’d be too prepared for me.”

But Briones gets the shot just as the sun is setting and it is absolutely stunning. Then he has a small window of time to get back to land before it’s dark.

Briones Reflects On an Important Time He Wanted to Say No But Said Yes Instead

As part of the video, Briones wants to inspire people to say yes to more opportunities and he reflects on one of the biggest times he wanted to say no but said yes — when a Big Brother producer called him to meet up and he almost said no.

“Ten years ago, back when Big Brother came a-knocking … this is a moment that has profoundly changed my life,” said Briones, recounting how it was his 25th birthday and he had plans with his friends, so he was “annoyed” when the producer called and wanted to meet right away.

“I didn’t want to drop it all to go meet this producer,” said Briones, adding, “The initial reaction was ‘hell no’ … man, looking back, what a difference that moment would have been if I would have said no to an opportunity.”

He realized at the time that his chances of going on the show were so small that it was “most likely” a “waste of [his] time,” but “if I would have said no to that … I would’ve never met my wife, my daughter, Tennessee, would’ve never been born,” said Briones.

Briones met his wife, Daniele Donato, on Big Brother 13. They were married in January 2013 and welcomed daughter Tennessee in August 2018.

He continued, “How many of those moments did I pass up on that would’ve ended up being a life-changing moment? How many of those did I miss? How many did I say no to?”

So he wants all of his viewers to “get off the couch, just do stuff! It may not be perfect … but hell, doing something and getting started is better than just sitting there and regretting. … The whole thing is just challenging yourself, really. … If you’re comfortable your whole, you never explore.”

“I came, I conquered, I nearly died, but I made it and I got the shot and that’s all that matters,” concluded Briones.

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, Big Brother Canada is set to premiere on March 3.

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