‘Big Brother’ Alum Hospitalized for Mysterious ‘Extreme Pain’

Elena Davies Big Brother

Youtube Big Brother star Elena Davies was hospitalized this week for severe shoulder pain.

A former “Big Brother” contestant took to Instagram yesterday to let her followers know she had been hospitalized for “extreme pain” in her shoulder, radiating down to her fingers.

Elena Davies from “Big Brother 19” wrote in an Instagram story saved to her page, “I woke up yesterday in severe, severeeeee EXTREME pain.”

The 30-year-old went on to explain that she was “unable to sit, stand, or walk for more than 5 minutes or so” and couldn’t withstand getting an MRI due to the pain she was in. Davies added that she was “BEGGING for thoughts and prayers.”

The “Big Brother” alum also shared a video of her petting a dog in a service vest, writing, “We don’t deserve dogs” and “This is Scout from the first emergency room we went to yesterday we love her.” Davies is lying in a hospital bed in the video and appears to have been crying.

In a story posted on Instagram on April 29, Davies wrote, “No real answers yet” and “neurosurgeon at 9:00am” on a photo of her sleeping on a hospital bed. Her followers have been commenting well wishes on her most recent Instagram photo. “Praying for you to feel better tonight!!” one follower wrote.

Davies Has Mentioned Shoulder Pain Before

On March 12, the Texas native shared a photo on Instagram of her wearing a neck brace. She explained in the caption that she was dealing with complications from her 2016 breast reduction. Davies said she had to have surgery to correct the issues which “continued to get increasingly worse.”

The “Big Brother” star added that the neck brace was “unrelated and looks more dramatic than it is.” She cited a “strained shoulder muscle and a pinched nerve” as the reason for the brace. It seems this could have been the beginning of the pain that landed Davies in the hospital this week.

Davies Recently Congratulated Another BB Houseguest on Exciting News

Nick Maccarone of “Big Brother 21” recently announced on Instagram that he and his girlfriend Heather Bonato are expecting a child. Although Davies was not in the “Big Brother” house with Maccarone, she commented on the dad-to-be’s post, “congrats dude” followed by a slew of heart emojis.

Davies maintained friendships with other “Big Brother” housemates after the end of her season. She attended Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf’s wedding in 2018, both of whom were on the show with her.

Davies Had a ‘Big Brother’ Showmance

While on “Big Brother 19,” Davies was part of a showmance called “Marlena” with Mark Jansen. Jansen and Davies called it quits in 2019. In an episode of her podcast “MiscELENAeous,” Davies addressed the split and said it was not her choice.

“I really didn’t want to give up. And I fought really hard for him, and I guess I didn’t fight soon enough, or hard enough, and I didn’t put in enough until it was too late,” said Davies. Jansen took to YouTube to share his side of the story. He stated that the couple fought often and shared, “I could never stand my ground with her.”

Marlena Big Brother 19

YoutubeElena Davies and Mark Jansen on “Big Brother 19.”

Jansen went on to say that one of the final straws in the relationship was Davies not being supportive of him starting his podcast, “Find Your Fortitude.” “You basically want me to hold myself back in business and in my growth and helping people to make you feel better. And that I couldn’t get over,” said Jansen.

Jansen has a new girlfriend now, Lauren Blakelock. He recently shared a photo of him and Blakelock with the caption, “Date nights are my favorite.” Jansen and Davies do not follow each other on Instagram.

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