‘Big Brother’s’ Elena Davies Is Pressing Charges Against Two Men

Elena Davies on Big Brother 19

CBS Elena Davies on Big Brother 19

There have recently been some scary incidents for “Big Brother 19” alum Elena Davies — she has been receiving death threats and is pressing charges against two men for stealing her online content. It all centers around her OnlyFans page. Here’s what she recently had to say about it and why she’s not backing down.

Davies Is Pressing Charges For Men Stealing and Redistributing Her OnlyFans Content

Davies launched her OnlyFans site at the end of 2020 as a way to make extra money. Ever the jokester, her adults-only content took the “OnlyFans” title seriously — she poses in and around various types of fans. But as fun as that is, Davies has had to crack down on her security measures because people were stealing and redistributing her content without permission.

In an interview with the Dallas Observer, the former “Big Brother” star said that she watermarks her content now and each watermark is unique. She also revealed that she is in the process of pressing charges against the people who reposted her content without permission.

“The watermarks are in a different place, so if it does get leaked online, I know who is responsible and I can press charges,” said Davies. “I’m currently in the middle of doing that to two guys right now. They swapped photos of me and another reality TV girl like we’re frickin’ Pokémon cards, gotta catch them all!”

Davies also said that she called the father of one of the young men because she felt like this is a situation that “needs to be addressed by his father.”

“I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been in communication with your son for a few months now,” said Davies, recounting the phone call to the Dallas Observer. “He’s been taking explicit content he bought from me and sharing and selling it online. He was very aware that it was illegal before he did it. I know he’s a grown man, but I think a situation like this needs to be addressed by his father, and I think he needs to know how disgusted I am and how devastated I am that someone I trusted with my personal content has shared and sold it and made a profit off my body. I feel like that’s something a mother and father need to know.”

Davies Also Has Stringent Requirements For Her Subscribers

In addition to the watermarks, Davies said that to gain access to her content, subscribers have to send her a photo of their ID, a photo of themselves holding said ID, and a photo of them holding a sign that reads, “Elena, I’m so scared of you.”

“All of them are living in fear, so it’s a beautiful thing,” said Davies, though she did say that people who think what she’s doing is inappropriate have threatened her, including a man from the Fort Worth suburb of Saginaw who has threatened to murder her.

But overall, Davies said the experience has been really great because it makes her feel in control and empowered.

“I’ve been so sexualized when I haven’t wanted to be. [People] put all my worth into the fact that I’m sexually attractive. It doesn’t matter that I’m smart; it doesn’t matter that I’m funny. They can look at me. They can touch me. They can jerk off to me without my consent. Being on OnlyFans is me taking control of that. I know people will still jerk off to me without my permission, but being in control makes me feel good and empowered and in charge. In a way, it’s made me feel even sexier because it’s on my terms,” said Davies.

She also revealed that she made $35,000 in three months at one point.

“If taking photos of my butt and taking videos of my toes is going to allow me to make my dreams come true and also travel to Greece, then f*** yeah. Let’s do it,” said Davies.

Davies is hardly the only reality star on OnlyFans. Just among “Big Brother” contestants fans can find pages for Zach Rance, Jozea Flores, Christine Varner, Angela Rockstar, and JoJo Spatafore. There are also pages for “Survivor” castaways Victoria Baamonde and Ozzy Lusth.

“Big Brother” season 23 premieres Wednesday, July 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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