Is Enzo Palumbo Married? How Old is the ‘Big Brother’ Finalist?

Enzo Palumbo is one of the final five players on Big Brother 22

CBS Enzo Palumbo is one of the final five players on Big Brother 22

Vincenzo “Enzo” Palumbo is one of the finalists of Big Brother 22, the second all-star season in the show’s history. He had not been on the show since Big Brother 12 in summer 2010 where he finished in third place behind Hayden Moss and Lane Elenburg, two of his Brigade alliance mates.

With Big Brother 22 down to its final two weeks, here’s what you need to know about his relationship status, family, and age, plus what we think his chances are to win the whole thing this time around.

Palumbo Was Married The First Time He Played But Has Since Divorced

Palumbo is a native of Bayonne, New Jersey, and in an interview he did with after his time on Big Brother 12, he revealed that he was excited to fly home with his wife Joella and their nine-month-old daughter Gia, making her 10 years old now. At the time, his wife was the vice president of loan sales and trading at financial firm Credit Suisse in New York.

The two have since divorced but not before they had a second child, a boy named Nico who turned 7 back on January 29, 2020. They were still together as of May 2014 based on Facebook but split sometime later.

Joella has since remarried and is now Joella Kealy, but the split looks like it was fairly amicable because on August 5, she posted a video to Facebook of Gia and Nico making their cameos on Big Brother in their father’s video package, writing, “They couldn’t be more excited to support their father. Win or lose they are so proud.”

If Palumbo currently has a girlfriend, he has kept pretty mum about it in the house because we haven’t heard him talk about anyone on the live feeds and his Instagram does not show a lady in his life right now.

Palumbo is 42 Years Old

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At 42, Palumbo is the elder statesman of the house. According to his CBS bio, he works as an insurance adjuster and said the reason he wanted to play Big Brother again was to “seal [his] legacy, not only as being part of one of the best alliances but now one of the greatest to ever play.”

He listed his “fun facts” as he used to box, he has a motorcycle, he speaks Italian and he can rap. He also said he thought the game was “too easy the first time [he] played.” The way this season has gone probably won’t dissuade him of that notion.

Going into the final two weeks, Palumbo is in good shape. The only person really standing in his way of winning is Cody Calafiore, but those two men are aligned pretty tightly with one another, so we don’t see Palumbo cutting Calafiore if he gets a chance.

However, that is probably his best chance at winning because he can’t make as good of an argument as Calafiore can in terms of winning competitions. But if he could make a big move and cut Calafiore, he would probably stand a great chance of winning sitting next to Nicole Franzel or Christmas Abbott at the end. If it turned out to be Palumbo versus Memphis Garrett in the final two, that might swing Garrett’s way.

Big Brother 22 is currently airing on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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