Every ‘Big Brother’ Player Who Has Been Expelled or Self-Evicted

Paloma Aguilar

CBS Every player that has left "Big Brother" prematurely.

On season 24 of “Big Brother,” Paloma Aguilar shocked her fellow houseguests and fans at home when she prematurely left the game due to mental health reasons.

In an October Instagram live, Aguilar told fellow houseguest Indy Santos that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after she left the show.

Aguilar’s sudden departure came as a surprise to fans but she is hardly the first houseguest to leave the “Big Brother” house on unexpected terms.

Over the years, several houseguests have been booted from the show or self-evicted.

Here’s a look back at every “Big Brother” contestant who was expelled or self-evicted from the show.

For this list we will solely be looking at regular U.S seasons of “Big Brother.” This list excludes “Celebrity Big Brother.”

Justin Sebik

“Big Brother 2” contestant Justin Sebik was the first houseguest to be expelled from the show.

Sebik was asked to leave the show on day ten after he held a knife to Krista Stegall’s neck and said, “Seriously, would you get mad if I killed you?”

In season two, all the houseguests were invited back to cast a vote for the winner but Sebik was not invited.

Scott Weintraub

“Big Brother 4” houseguest Scott Weintraub went on a tirade after his ex-girlfriend Amanda Craig entered the house as part of the X-Factor twist. He was expelled on day eight of the competition.

Neil Garcia

“Big Brother 9” houseguest Neil Garcia left the game on day seven due to a personal matter. He became the first houseguest to leave the game voluntarily. His reason for leaving the game remains a mystery.

Chima Simone

Chima Simone’s expulsion in “Big Brother 11” remains one of the most talked about eliminations in “Big Brother” history.

Her downfall began after Jeff Schroeder used the Coup d’Etat twist to change her nominations and put her two closest allies Jessie Godderzand Natalie Martinez on the block.

Simone felt that production was sabotaging her game and she began to act out by refusing to go to the Diary Room and damaged property by throwing her microphone in the pool.

She was asked to leave the game on day 42.

Dick Donato

Dick Donato is known as one of the most villainous players in “Big Brother” history. After winning “Big Brother 8,” he returned for “Big Brother 13” alongside several other veterans, including Rachel Reilly and Jeff Schroeder.

However, Donato did not make it to finale night this time around. He left the game after six days. He later revealed that he left the game after receiving a positive HIV test given to him by producers, Us Weekly reported in 2014.

According to Us Weekly, Donato spoke about his “Big Brother” departure in an episode of VH1’s “Couples Therapy,” calling it “one of the most surreal times in [his] entire life.”

Donato is considered a “Big Brother” legend.

Willie Hantz

“Big Brother 14” houseguest Willie Hantz was expelled from the game on day 14 after he head-butted Joe Arvin during an altercation.

Hantz is the brother of infamous “Survivor” villain Russell Hantz.

Megan Lowder

“Big Brother 19” houseguest Megan Lowder self-evicted on day eight. She later revealed in an interview with the Desert Sun in June 2017 that being in the house triggered her PTSD from a past sexual assault.

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