‘Big Brother’ 2021 Spoilers & Updates: Week 1 Elimination & New HOH Results

The 'Big Brother 23' cast

CBS The 'Big Brother 23' cast

It is time for the “Big Brother 23” house to evict its first houseguest — and we predict it will be Travis Long going home over Alyssa Lopez by a pretty large margin, maybe even a unanimous vote. Then it will be time to crown a new Head of Household and that’s where things will get interesting.

The “Big Brother” house is already splitting into several alliances. The Slaughterhouse consists of Frenchie, Brent, Xavier, Whitney, Alyssa, Christian, Kyland, and Derek F. Then the Cookout includes Xavier, Derek F., Kyland, Tiffany, Azah, and Hannah. Some of the women are also aligned — Tiffany, Claire, Sarah Beth, Britini, and Azah.

It will be interesting to see from which group the HOH emerges. Follow along with our live blog below but be warned of spoilers from the episode. All times Eastern.

8:05 — You guys, I am so nervous about who is going to win Head of Household this week. Not gonna lie, I am rooting for the Cookout/women’s alliance, so I hope one of them wins.

8:10 — There is an amusing montage of the women figuring out “Frenchie” makes a great substitute for the F-word and hilarity ensues. “Who you frenchin’ with?” “Don’t you french with me.” “If I don’t get off the frenching block this week, I’m frenched.” LOL.

8:15 — We see the “official” forming of the Slaughterhouse, which is laughable because Frenchie has invited almost everyone to be in the Slaughterhouse at some point. I got invited to be in it last Saturday. But anyway, one alliance is not enough for Frenchie, so he heads off to form an all-girl alliance with Hannah, Azah, Tiffany, and Claire. They all kind of go along with it, but in reality, none of them are taking this seriously. They do have a girls’ alliance, but Frenchie is not a part of it.

8:20 — It’s Kyland’s 30th birthday, so they bake a cake and “hire” Travis as the stripper, which is adorable and hilarious. “Big Brother” houseguests generally really know how to do birthdays.

8:25 — The obligatory “maybe Travis will stay” montage. Sure, the Queens do think it helps them to keep Travis and yes, Travis’ argument to Frenchie and Brent that he’s a big target to keep in the house is a good argument. But I would be shocked if Travis gets more than one vote to stay in the house.

8:30 — Eviction time! Alyssa’s speech is a plug for her swimwear line, while Travis strips off his shirt and then gives a super sweet goodbye message. The votes are almost unanimous in the first group, with only Derek F. voting to evict Alyssa. Sarah Beth, Xavier, Whitney, Christian, and Azah voted to evict Travis.

8:40 — The rest of the votes go to evict Travis except for Tiffany, who throws a vote Alyssa’s way. So Travis is evicted by a vote of 11-2. In his eviction interview, Travis says the white guy with abs usually goes first, which… no, dude.

8:50 — The moment is here. HOH time. It’s a putting challenge. There are spots in front of a giant shark and the person who sinks their putt from the largest number will win HOH but the shots get harder the higher the number. Also, no bank shots allowed. I would pick something like 18, I think.

8:55 — Time to take their shots. They all took high numbers, 15-30. Alyssa sinks hers and takes the lead, then is replaced by Brent from spot 16. Hannah, Azah, Xavier, Christian, Tiffany, Whitney, and Claire all miss. Then Kyland sinks his from slot 24. Britini misses, Derek F misses, Sarah Beth misses and finally… Derek X misses. Kyland is the new HOH, which means that Claire and Tiffany are also safe because of the Queens team. Nice!

9:00 — It will be interesting to see who Kyland nominates because if stays loyal to both the Cookout and the Slaughterhouse (and he can’t nominate CLaire because of the Queens), then he can only nominate Britini, Derek X and Sarah Beth, and he won’t nominate Sarah Beth. Sarah Beth and Kyland are maybe the tightest duo in the house. Hmmm.

“Big Brother” season 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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