‘Big Brother 23’ Week 3 Eviction Prediction

Brent Champagne and Britini D'Angelo are on the block in week 3 on 'Big Brother 23'

CBS Brent Champagne and Britini D'Angelo are on the block in week 3 on 'Big Brother 23'

In week 3, Brent Champagne and Britini D’Angelo are the houseguests on the block in the “Big Brother” season 23 house. Here is our eviction prediction but be warned of light spoilers ahead.


Brent Champagne Is About to Be Blindsided

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Unless something really weird happens between Thursday morning and the live eviction, Brent is most likely leaving and the vote won’t even be close. And unless somebody gives him a heads up (which they might do, which is no fun), he has no idea he’s headed home.

Brent is absolutely convinced that he’s going to stay and he thinks the vote is going to be 9 to 2. He’s right, the vote might be 9 to 2, but it’s going to be 9 votes to evict him, not Britini. It should be a lot of fun to watch — “Big Brother” casts never seem to do blindsides anymore, so hopefully no one gives him the heads up and we get to see his shock live on TV.

The real anticipation of the July 29 eviction episode is going to be who wins the new Head of Household because this is a big one.

The New Head of Household

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Here is what the plans are for the house depending on who wins the next Head of Household.

The Kings, as the only team that is still fully intact, are in a bit of trouble if one of them doesn’t win. That means Sarah Beth Steagull, Alyssa Lopez, or Christian Birkenberger needs to win HOH to keep themselves safe — Xavier cannot play as outgoing Head of Household.

If the Kings win, they want to take out someone from the Aces (Whitney Williams, Derek Xiao, and Hannah Chaddha), which Hannah and Whitney are somewhat aware of, so they have said they are gunning for an HOH win.

The Queens (Tiffany Mitchell, Claire Rehfuss, and Kyland Young) want the Aces to win and take out a King for them so that they don’t have to get any blood on their hands, but if one of the Queens does happen to win HOH, Christian and Alyssa are the targets, with Christian being the preferred boot.

The Jokers, meanwhile, are kind of all over the place. Azah Awasum is solid with the Cookout alliance and Derek Frazier is as well, though to a lesser degree. He’s a little bit of a floater. Britini is definitely a floater.

Hannah has said on the live feeds that her ideal boot order right now is Sarah Beth, Claire, Derek X, Christian and then Britini, but the rest of the house is gunning for the Kings team to lose a member.

Hannah told Tiffany that the longer they keep Sarah Beth, Claire and Derek X in the house, the more of a chance they’ll figure out about the Cookout. She doesn’t think Christian or Britini is smart enough to figure it out, which is why she wants those other three gone first.

Meanwhile, Tiffany told Xavier that her ideal final four is herself, him, Kyland, and Azah. She also said they have to make sure each of them is on the block with their “person,” i.e. the person they are tight with outside of the Cookout. So Tiffany has to sit next to Claire, Xavier has to sit next to Alyssa, Kyland has to sit next to Sarah Beth, and Azah has to sit next to Britini. That’s how they can guarantee the non-Cookout person goes home.

It’s a good strategy, to be sure, but a lot is riding on who wins the next Head of Household and who wins the final Wildcard competition. Remember, only certain people are eligible to play: Whitney and Claire will play for sure because they’re the only ones left on their teams who are eligible, then it’ll be between Azah and Derek F. from the Jokers, and Alyssa and Xavier from the Kings.

“Big Brother” season 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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