‘Big Brother’ Fans Suspect Former Houseguests May Return for Season 24

Julie Chen

YouTube Big Brother fans have a theory about season 24.

“Big Brother” fans are convinced that four previous houseguests will return to the game this summer for “Big Brother 24.”

A Reddit user named lionsbane1764 shared the theory online and quickly caught the attention of fans.

“So Julie has been posting throwbacks to seasons for the past couple of weeks on Instagram,” the user wrote. “The first was BB14 and today was BB18 with the caption ‘What do you remember’ and it seems to some people, especially on Twitter, think that this could mean we might have [four] returning houseguests this summer.”

Fans React to BB24 Theory

Fans replied to the thread with their thoughts about the BB24 theory. Some fans were convinced the throwback photos had a secret meaning.

“Honestly, I’m so down for some returning vets, and I hope this is what’s gonna happen,” one user replied. “Mixing vets and newbies always seems to create chaotic environments in the house, and we DESPERATELY need that this upcoming season for the American version.”

“100% one of them will be DaVonne,” another user wrote.

“It would be fun.Something to spice things up so the first few weeks don’t suck as usual,” a third user added. “The only problem is there hasn’t been any good houseguests in years. Bring back Rachel, Christie, DX, and Zach.”

Other fans weren’t so sure and quickly dismissed the theory.

“We go through this same conversation every year. They’re just hyping the season,” one user replied.

“Once again I think people are reading way too much into every little thing,” another user chimed in. “This happens every year. Remember when people were convinced Taran was on BB23?”

“She does this every year I feel like,” a third user wrote.

According to a CBS press statement released in May 2022, season 24 will feature all-new houseguests. However, an alum could return as part of a twist.

‘Big Brother’ Stars Competing on ‘The Challenge: USA’

According to TvLine, nine “Big Brother” alums are competing on the reality competition show “The Challenge: USA,” coming to CBS in July 2022.

The former houseguests will face off against former contestants from “Survivor,” “Love Island,” and “The Amazing Race” in the hopes of taking home the $500,000 prize.

So, what houseguests will make an appearance?

Xavier Prather

Xavier Prather was the last houseguest standing on “Big Brother 23.” The Milwaukee-based attorney took home the $750,000 prize and was crowned the first black winner of “Big Brother.”

Kyland Young

Kyland Young appeared on season 23 of “Big Brother.” The California native was a core member of The Cookout alliance.

Derek Xiao

Derek Xiao competed on “Big Brother 23.” The start-up founder quickly became a fan favorite but didn’t last too long in the house. After being blindsided by Sarah Beth, he was evicted and sent to the jury house.

David Alexander

David Alexander made his “Big Brother” debut on season 21. He returned to the game the following summer to compete on “Big Brother: All Stars.”

Alyssa Lopez

Alyssa Lopez appeared on season 23 of “Big Brother.” The swimwear designer formed a romantic connection with Christian Birkenberger in the house, but after his elimination, she was forced to reframe her strategy.

She lasted 65 days in the “Big Brother” house.

Angela Rummans

Angela Rummans competed on season 20 of “Big Brother.” She was a member of the Level Six alliance. She is also 1/2 of the “Big Brother” showmance “Tangela” with Tyler Crispen.

Azah Awasum

Azah Awasum was a member of The Cookout alliance on “Big Brother 23.” She became the final member of the jury after Xavier chose to bring Derek Frazier to final two.

Tiffany Mitchell

Tiffany Mitchell competed on season 23 of “Big Brother.” She was a core member of The Cookout alliance. Tiffany won America’s Favorite Houseguest at the finale and received $25,000.

Enzo Palumbo

Enzo Palumbo competed on season 12 of “Big Brother.” He later returned to the game for “Big Brother: All Stars” in 2020.

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