‘Big Brother’ Live Finale Spoilers for Season 22

The Big Brother 22 final three: Nicole Franzel, Cody Calafiore, and Enzo Palumbo.

CBS The Big Brother 22 final three: Nicole Franzel, Cody Calafiore, and Enzo Palumbo.

UPDATE: By a vote of 9-0, Cody Calafiore is the winner of Big Brother 22. The original post continues below.

The Big Brother 22 house is down to its final three contestants: Cody Calafiore, Nicole Franzel, and Enzo Palumbo. Find out who we predict is going to win here.

In the game this past week, Franzel won the first round of the final Head of Household competition and the second round will be airing during the (mostly) live two-hour finale, though round two already took place inside the house.

Following that, the two winners from the first two rounds will face off live to crown the final Head of Household for season 22. That person will then choose to evict one of the two other remaining houseguests, thereby deciding who he or she will sit next to during the jury vote.

The jury will then return to cast their votes for the winner, and we’ll find out the results of America’s Favorite Player vote — it sounds like Da’Vonne Rogers has a vocal contingent voting for her to win the $25,000.

Then host Julie Chen will crown the $500,000 winner of the second All-Stars season.

Follow along below with our live recap, but BE WARNED OF SPOILERS. Don’t keep reading if you don’t want to be spoiled.

All times Eastern.

9:05 — The recap of the season reminds viewers that Cody had final two deals with both Enzo and Nicole. Did you also know that Enzo and Cody have been breaking the rules and promising to buy each other things with their winnings? It will be verrrrry interesting if Cody wins the final HOH and has to decide which final two deal to keep.

9:10 — Time for round II of the final HOH. Enzo and Cody are facing off in a competition where they have to put the correct houseguests on a poster and then get a bunch of swinging pigs out of the way by walking across a balance beam in order to take a clean picture of the three houseguests. Wow, that seems really hard… and then yes, it is. Enzo really struggles with it. But his big mistake is that he misreads one of the clues and is doing one of the photos completely wrong. Yeah, he’s not going to win this.

9:15 — Cody takes his turn and he also struggles a little with it, but not nearly as badly as Enzo did. And then, yes, the times are 37 minutes for Enzo and under five minutes for Cody. WOW. That is a shellacking. Enzo is pretty mad about his performance and he starts ranting a bit about how the other two deserve to go to the finals. Poor guy. That must be pretty demoralizing.

9:25 — Cody and Nicole sit around and talk about what they’re weighing if they win the final HOH. Nicole acts like she’s taking Cody and it’s not even a question. She says she could never live with herself if she cut Cody, but honestly — girl, that is what you need to do to win this game. That seals it. Two-time winner. Don’t be stupid. However, later, she and Enzo talk about how Cody could win unanimously. They both think he’s the easy win, so taking him seals your fate as second place. They’re not wrong.

9:30 — Jury segment. Christmas explains how it was 3 against 1, which is tough. Then they talk about “jury management” and there’s a little bitterness there. We’ve certainly seen worse from juries, but there’s a few bitter Betties, particularly Da’Vonne against Nicole, Kevin against Cody, and a little bit of Memphis against Cody, but none of them can deny that Cody has played a dominant game. But they also say that if either Nicole or Enzo cuts Cody, that’s hard to argue against.

9:45 — Time for the final Head of Household competition. It’s a competition of videos about the jury members. Cody gets the first question right (and these are not easy questions — they have to identify the false statement out of three about each jury member). They both get questions two through seven correct, so Cody leads 7-6. So if Cody gets the final question right, that’s game over.

9:55 — They both get the final question right, so that means Cody is the final HOH. Wow. They both did SO well on the comp. It is impressive that Cody didn’t miss a question. Who will he keep? This should be interesting.

10:00 — Cody is crying trying to figure this out. Oh man, that is rough. Nicole is also crying and Enzo seems kind of mad. Cody chooses to evict Nicole. WHOA. And he’s going to win 8-1. He probably lost Nicole’s vote.

10:05 — In her exit interview, Nicole is crying pretty hard. She obviously did not see that coming and feels pretty betrayed. I feel bad for her. But Cody may not have even lost her vote. She seems to respect that he cut her.

10:15 — Jury time. The live reactions to Nicole joining them are kind of “aww, sorry” to Nicole and then nobody seems surprised that Cody won the final HOH. The questions aren’t overly aggressive and it feels fairly obvious that Cody is going to win. Even Enzo knows that he’s going home with $50,000.

10:20 — The only good question is from Nicole, who basically wants an explanation for why he betrayed her and how long this was in the works. His answer could have been better. He basically said he didn’t want her in the finals because she already won. He should have cried and apologized for betraying her because clearly her feelings are really hurt.

10:30 — Jury vote time, though obviously, we don’t see any of the votes. But from the sound of all of their comments while voting, Cody has this in the bag.

10:45 — Before we find out who won, we have to talk to the first five evicted houseguests. I love them, but I’d rather get to the winner reveal.

10:55 — It’s finally time to crown the winner. Is Enzo going to win any votes? We shall see. The votes go… Ian for Cody, Da’Vonne for Cody, Kevin for Cody, David for Cody, and Daniele for Cody. He’s the winner. Will it be unanimous once Julie reveals the other four votes? It seems likely. And who will be America’s Favorite Player?

11:00 — Yep, Cody won unanimously. It’s only the second time in Big Brother history that someone has won unanimously. Wow, good for him. And Da’Vonne, with nearly one million votes, is America’s Favorite Player. She can’t stop crying. Good for her!

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