‘Big Brother’s’ Frankie Grande Issues a Warning About the Show

Frankie Grande attends Opening Night Of Rock Of Ages Hollywood at The Bourbon Room

Getty Frankie Grande attends Opening Night Of Rock Of Ages Hollywood at The Bourbon Room

Former “Big Brother” contestant Frankie Grande has some words of warning for future houseguests about how hard the show is going to be for them. Find out what he had to say and also how he was “producing” himself the entire time he was on the show.

Grande Says Make Sure You Have a Good Therapist

In an interview with the “Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef” podcast, Grande dug into his time on the show and admitted that he was “so naive” going into it.

“You gotta be a certain type of person to play it, and you gotta be an even different type of person to play it well,” said Grande. “I was so naive going to that process and thank god I was because it turned out really well for me, but it is a very scary show.”

He added, “Looking back on it … I’m like, this is a terrifying beast that I decided to just literally throw myself into the lion’s den. And that’s what I always tell people that are like, ‘I want to be on ‘Big Brother.’ I’m like, ‘OK, make sure you have a really good therapist.'”

Grande Said It Was Fun For A While But It Is a Long Season

Grande said that it was fun for “about a month.” Then it became work and then he just wanted it to end.

“I always say, I had the best month of my life, the most mediocre month of my life, and then the worst month of my life,” said Grande. “I was so ready to get out of that house when it was my time. Oh my god, I ran out and threw glitter into the air because I was so excited.”

The reason he was so excited is that he had “basically been outmaneuvered” and at that point, there’s nothing you can really do but he still had to be in the house.

“Your game is over, but then you still have to stay in the house for like an extra 14 days. And you’re like, ‘Oh, what do I do for the next 14 days?!’ said Grande.

He Said He Was Constantly Producing Himself

Grande came into the show with a certain amount of knowledge about how things work online because he was already a famous YouTube star. So he said that really helped him — but it was exhausting.

“I always knew what I was doing. That’s the thing that kept me sane, to be honest, like remembering that I was on a TV show at all times,” said Grande, adding, “Remembering you’re performing, you’re on TV right now. Every moment is being dissected and broadcast all over the entire world, which is also very stressful.”

“So I was producing myself the entire time I was on the show,” he continued. “So I would always be like, ‘Oh, I just said that, Oh God, do I have to say something else now to correct what I just said?'”

“I was constantly editing and making sure that everything that I said was going to be received the way that I wanted it to — at the same time, playing the game with the person that I’m talking to, it was absolutely exhausting,” said Grande.

But it paid off for him. Grande admitted that he couldn’t wait to get out of the house to start reaping the benefits of having been on the show — and he said his cast was all “terrified” of how they would be received.

“We were all terrified. Like, are we going to get booed when we walk out of the front door? Everyone’s biggest fear on ‘Big Brother’ is like, what if we walk out and we get booed, or if there’s not a lot of applause? And we would stand there by the door and as everyone was evicted, decide whether they were liked, hated or were mediocre,” said Grande.

But he knew he was going to be well received.

“I knew I did what needed to be done in order to catapult my career to the next level. And I knew it was waiting for me. … I just knew in my gut, then when I walked out, I was going to get like the biggest applause ever,” said Grande.

He Knows ‘Big Brother’ Doesn’t Purposely Cast People Like Him Very Often

While a lot of “Big Brother” contestants have parlayed their fame into a brand, Grande came into the show as a social media influencer and he knows he was lucky to be cast because “Big Brother” doesn’t do that very often.

“They purposefully don’t cast people like me very often. They purposely tried to avoid people like that … they want like normal, average, like career people,” said Grande, adding that if your goal is to go on “Big Brother” to launch your brand, that is a very tricky line to walk.

“If your goal is to get a career from a reality TV show like ‘Big Brother, you could be very, very disappointed when you leave often because they show all of you and sometimes the edit, you don’t get a favorable edit at all.”

Big Brother U.S. returns in summer 2021 for its 23rd season.

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