‘Big Brother’ Alum Claims The Show Rigged a Competition

Big Brother 16

Youtube A "Big Brother 16" alum recently spoke out about the shows producers rigging a competition.

A former houseguest from “Big Brother 16″ recently addressed the theory that production rigged a competition on Frankie Grande‘s behalf in a TikTok video. Christine Varner was answering a question from her comments in the video. “I get this question every day so let’s answer it,” Varner said.

Varner began by giving a little background on what goes on inside the “Big Brother” house. “When they start building a competition, we can hear them outside,” she said. Varner went on to explain that after a decision had been made for houseguest Caleb Reynolds to throw the Battle of the Block competition, it sounded like production began rebuilding the competition outside. Varner said she also found it fishy that, “and then we didn’t do it (the competition) until dark which usually we did it in the middle of the day.”

“So we had our suspicions that they rebuilt whatever the challenge was to make it easier for Frankie to win,” Varner said. “Who can say? That’s our theory.” The “Big Brother” alum later joked in another TikTok that she didn’t understand why her video was getting so much attention. “First off, why are you making articles about my TikToks? I am insanely irrelevant,” she said. She also lightheartedly expressed anger at online publications continuing to use her “Big Brother” photo. “Look at me, I literally just woke up, I have no makeup on, I’d rather you use this than that,” said Varner.

It’s Not the First Time “Big Brother” Has Been Accused of Rigging Competitions

Throughout its 22 seasons, “Big Brother” has had its fair share of controversies, including rumors about producers rigging the show. In season 22, some fans thought that the very first competition had an unfair tilt to it. The competition involved maneuvering a ball through a handheld maze and directing it to land in specific slots on the maze. Fans noticed that the correct slots were farther away on the maze for the female contestants than the male contestants.

One fan watching tweeted, “Seriously @CBSBigBrother you rigged the first competition against the women what are you doooooing?!” However, the producers aren’t the only ones who have made an attempt to swing the show’s events a certain way. Last season, TMZ reported that CBS had to increase security presence after fans began standing outside the “Big Brother” house, using bullhorns to send helpful messages to their favorite houseguests.

There is often controversy among the “Big Brother” fandom when there is a disconnect between the live feeds and the edited footage that airs on CBS. Many fans felt that the show’s producers gave preferential treatment to Jackson Michie of “Big Brother 21”. Michie was seen sneaking real food when he was supposed to be on slop in the live feeds but was never punished for his actions as the show had done previously.

Spoilers About the “Big Brother 23” Cast Have Leaked

In November 2020, Entertainment Weekly reported that CBS had announced a pledge that future casts of “Survivor” and “Big Brother” would be 50% people of color. According to the CBS insider Twitter account @Spoilergirl1, the season 23 cast will include 3 black women, 2 black men, 1 Latino man, 1 Latina woman, 1 middle eastern or Asian man, and one biracial woman.

“Big Brother” host Julie Chen Moonves recently shared an Instagram photo of her posing with lawn flamingoes and holding cards with the “Big Brother” logo on them. The post announced that “Big Brother 23″ will premiere on July 7. “Big Brother” all-star Nicole Anthony commented on the post, “summer here we come!”

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