Frankie Grande’s Fiancé: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Frankie Grandes fiance Hale Leon

YouTube Frankie Grande proposed to fiance Hale Leon via virtual reality.

Actor, social media personality and “Big Brother” alum Frankie Grande is engaged. Grande proposed to his boyfriend of two years on June 8, 2021, via virtual reality, according to a recent interview with People.

Grande teamed up with Dreamscape, a virtual reality venue where the couple had one of their first dates, to create a customized ending to one of the VR adventures, according to People. Hale Leon, Grande’s fiance, thought they were at Dreamscape to celebrate Grande’s sober anniversary, the outlet reported.

Instead, Leon was treated to virtual fireworks and a “will you marry me?” message surrounded by the couple’s closest family and friends.

Grande told People, “I have been working on proposing to him in virtual reality for over a year and it was ABSOLUTELY breathtaking for us both.”

So who is Grande’s future husband? Here’s what you need to know:

1. Leon Is a Commercial Actor

Leon is an actor with a few IMDb credits to his name, including a TV short called “The Gay Police.” His Instagram bio says he is a commercial actor.

In a recent Instagram post, Leon announced a new gig. “Booked a SAG national auto commercial. Feeling so f****** blessed and happy,” he wrote. Grande commented, “So proud of you my hunny!”

Leon is originally from New York, according to Fandom. In a 2019 Instagram photo of him and Grande, Leon wrote, “So damn excited to see all the family and friends and experience NY with the boyfriend!”

2. He Met Grande While Line Dancing

Grande was at a bar called Oil Can Harry’s when he saw Leon dancing on the stage. Grande told People in 2019 that Leon knew all the dances and was performing for everyone. “I was blown away,” said Grande. “It was definitely love at first dance.”

“I chased him down to meet him afterwards but he disappeared to fix his hair,” Grande added.

It’s fitting that Grande would end up with someone who loves to dance. He himself has plenty of dancing experience, including a stint in the ensemble of “Mamma Mia!” on Broadway in 2001.

3. Grande’s Nonna Loves Leon

Grande said that his whole family loves Leon, including the matriarch and the hardest person to impress, his Nonna.

“She like loved him and paraded him around her retirement home and we met all these people as the new hip gay couple visiting,” Grande told People. “It was so cool, I didn’t know if they would be hip to that, but it was really adorable.”

Grande’s pop star half-sister Ariana Grande is also a fan of Leon. She congratulated the happy couple on their engagement via her Instagram story. “I love you both so much. Congratulations to two of the most incredible men I know,” she wrote.

4. He’s an Official Twitch Partner

Hale is partnered with the game streaming platform, Twitch. His Twitch page has over 75,000 followers. He does live streams of mostly horror games four days a week.

Leon is also a “fog whisperer,” meaning he is partnered with the game Dead by Daylight. This gives him access to information about upcoming content ahead of time as well as chapter codes for his Twitch audience.

Leon’s Twitch profile indicates he has “the best toy poodle named Appa.”

5. He’s a Vegan

According to Leon’s Twitch bio, he is both “straight edge” and vegan. Straight edge individuals refrain from using drugs and alcohol. Grande himself has been sober since 2017.

Leon has a story highlight saved on his Instagram page labeled “Vegan.” The highlight includes tips for dairy alternatives, cute animal photos and information about animal cruelty in the farming industry.

In an Instagram photo of him holding a hen, Hale wrote, “Hugging, loving, and respecting the egg maker instead of the eggs this year. Happy Easter.”

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