Is the ‘Big Brother’ House for Sale?

Big Brother house

Youtube The "Big Brother" house might be in for some changes.

Could the “Big Brother” house be moving? The property that is home to the iconic set is for sale.

The Los Angeles Times reports that ViacomCBS has put the CBS Studio Center on the market. According to the outlet, CBS Chief Executive George Cheeks addressed the decision in an email to the staff, saying it “aligns with our strategy to divest non-core assets like real estate and direct that value to priorities such as creating more of our best-in-class content.”

In the email, Cheeks assured staff that even if the Radford Avenue property is sold, the company’s broadcasting and production business wouldn’t halt.

“I can tell you that regardless of whether Radford is sold, we will ensure we have the studio capacity to support our leading broadcast and production businesses. Beyond that, until we have more definitive information, there isn’t much we can say at this point in the process,” Cheeks wrote.

What Could This Mean For the Show?

The “Big Brother” house is a huge part of the show. In a 2019 Interview with the Los Angeles Times, set designer Scott Storey said the house “sets the tone of the show. The house is sort of a character.”

It’s more of a set than a house, equipped with 94 cameras and 113 microphones to monitor the inhabitants at all times. The house is also revamped and redecorated every season in accordance with that year’s theme. That means that even if the Studio Center property is sold, the house can be easily recreated somewhere else.

The History of the ‘Big Brother’ House

The “Big Brother” house has moved once before. In the first five seasons, it was a one-story house. For season six, “Big Brother” moved a few blocks away into a two-story house with a backyard.

The “Big Brother” production team has learned over time how to modify the house to ensure houseguests can’t hide from the cameras. Doors don’t open wide enough for contestants to hide behind and beds are built on platforms so no one can hide under them.

Wooden storage chests also have dividers in them. “I figured out that people go into those,” Scott Storey told the Los Angeles Times. “I was like, OK, mental note, let’s not let that happen again.”

Could a Move Deter Future ‘Wall Yellers?’

If a move does occur, it could be good for security. Fans might be a little too aware of the location of the current “Big Brother” house. Last summer, a so-called “wall yeller” got close enough to the backyard to yell a message heard by houseguests sitting in the backyard.

“Nicole and Cody are playing everyone,” the wall yeller shouted, referring to Nicole Franzel and Cody Calafiore. The attempt to blow up Franzel and Calafiore’s game didn’t pan out. They finished in third and first place respectively.

TMZ reported that CBS was forced to hire a private security firm to monitor the “Big Brother” house during season 22. Fans had been posting up outside the house, using bullhorns to communicate with houseguests in an attempt to influence the game.

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