‘Big Brother’ Limited Access to Knives Because of One Person

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Getty "Big Brother" alum Holly Allen says that knives were taken away whenever a "certain person" in the house got angry.

A “Big Brother” alum recently spoke publicly about the show’s rules on houseguests’ access to knives and alcohol. Holly Allen of “Big Brother 21” took to Instagram live to answer fan questions about the CBS show.

When asked whether production limited “Big Brother” houseguests access to alcohol, Allen said “I think they learned the hard way on this. Tempers get high under stress and people have gotten violent in the past.”

Allen also mentioned that there are no sharp knives in the house. “The only kitchen knife we do get would get taken away when a certain person got angry. Sooo yeah,” she said. It’s possible that the “certain person” Allen is referring to is Jackson Michie, her fellow houseguest and ex-boyfriend. Michie was known for angry outbursts during his time on the show.

It’s also likely that at least some of the rules surrounding knives and alcohol in the “Big Brother” house stem from a season 2 incident. Justin Sebik was expelled from the show after holding a knife to fellow houseguest Krista Stegall’s throat. “Would you get mad if I killed you,” Sebik was heard asking Stegall on the live feeds.

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There Have Been Other “Big Brother” Expulsions

Scott Weintraub of “Big Brother 4″ was kicked off the show for violent temper tantrums that involved throwing chairs. It was also revealed after the fact that Weintraub had an undisclosed sexually transmitted disease, but production maintained that it was not the reason he was expelled.

In “Big Brother 11″, Chima Simone was expelled for repeatedly breaking house rules. After being asked to put her microphone back on, Simone threw it into the pool. She also neglected to go to the Diary Room when called. Finally, executive producer Allison Grodner summoned Simone to the Diary Room directly to inform her she’d been kicked off the show.

Willie Hantz was kicked off of “Big Brother 14″ after headbutting fellow contestant Joe Arvin. Executive producer Allison Grodner addressed the houseguests directly to deliver the news and remind them that violence would not be tolerated.

Some Fans Think Jackson Michie Should Have Been Expelled or Penalized

There are fan theories that the “Big Brother” producers overlooked Jackson Michie of “Big Brother 21″‘s misconduct and helped him win. Many live feed watchers believe that Michie snuck real food into the shower when he was supposed to be on slop.

Michie and Holly Allen dated for about a year outside of the “Big Brother” house. In a June 2020 Instagram post, Allen addressed their breakup. “Growth sometimes happens alone. And that’s what I’ll be doing,” she wrote. She also said of Michie, “I will always love him a lottle. And I wouldn’t change any of the experiences for the world. But some things are not meant to go beyond that.”

In November 2020, Michie posted a TikTok that said “when you no longer wake up sad, lonely, and missing them, but happily alone and excited to make yourself better than you were yesterday.” He shared the TikTok to Instagram, writing “no shade being thrown, just a pick-me-up for anyone that needs it – lonely doesn’t last forever.”

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