A ‘Big Brother’ Houseguest Wants to Turn the Jury Against Michael Bruner

Michael Bruner

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Things are heating up in the “Big Brother” house. Earlier this week, two houseguests made a comment about trying to sway the jury against Michael Bruner if he makes it to finale night.

Here’s what you need you know:

Terrance Wants to Turn the Jury Against Michael

Last week, Kyle Capener was evicted after a drama-filled week. Kyle’s game began to crumble after Michael and Brittany Hoopes brought to light a conversation they had with Kyle that didn’t sit right with them.

Michael and Brittany informed the houseguests that a few weeks ago, Kyle had alluded to forming an alliance with all the white players in the house. They said that Kyle’s reasoning for forming the alliance stemmed from a belief that the people of color in the house must be working together. Kyle’s theory ended up not being true. The people of color in the house never formed an alliance or vowed to protect each other in the game.

The conversation hurt many players who felt Kyle had made an unfair assumption. Kyle’s words caused the Leftovers alliance to fracture and left many players wondering if they could trust him. The drama didn’t just damage Kyle’s reputation. A few houseguests wondered why Michael and Brittany held onto that information for so long.

According to Showbiz Cheatsheet, Monte Taylor and Terrance Higgins discussed the drama on the 24/hour live feeds and suggested that Michael’s reasoning for informing the house about the conversation was a strategic move.

On the live feeds, the two admitted they didn’t like how Michael held onto the information and even suggested they would sway the jury to vote against Michael if he made it to finale night.

“If there is something that happens where [Michael] is still there and it’s not his final two, and it’s somebody else, people may consider everything and how it went down,” Monte said, Showbiz Cheatsheet reported.

“I promise you, if I’m in that mother f***ing jury house, I’m going to sway that s***,” Terrance replied. “This is the timetable. You draw your own conclusions as to why it came up right then and there. One thing that you did is going to come back and haunt the f*** out of you. I blame Kyle a thousand percent, but I don’t blame him by himself.”

According to Showbiz Cheatsheet, Monte brought up the Michael situation again later in the night.

“By some sort of miracle, when — and hopefully, I make it there — but if we can get it down to a point where [the final two] is not Michael and Brittany, if it’s Michael and anybody else, then at that point, the jury is going to have a lot to say about that decision. And about how they played the game, and what they told people,” Monte told Terrance.

Cody Calafiore Disses Kyle & Alyssa

Last week, “Big Brother 22” winner Cody Calafiore weighed in on Kyle’s betrayal of the Leftovers at Dyre fest. A Twitter user shared a clip from Cody’s podcast “The Winner’s Circle,” in which he calls out Kyle and Alyssa for their treatment of Joseph at Dyre fest.

“I wanted to touch on that outside conversation that they all had [at Dyre fest],” he said. “I was watching just like shaking my head. Alyssa’s so pissed at Joseph. ‘You lied to me. You lie. So, you’re saying you’ve lied to me this whole time?’ Girl, the dude that’s sleeping with you. That’s kissing you, doing some more than kissing you, was literally having another relationship, ultimately, and not telling you, and you’re pissed at Joseph?”

Cody went on to call Kyle a little b**** for going back on forth on his decision to use the Veto on Alyssa in week four.

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Stay tuned for more “Big Brother” updates.

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