‘Big Brother’ All-Star Sounds Off On The Finale

Some of the Big Brother 22 houseguests

CBS Some of the Big Brother 22 houseguests

It’s no secret that there was no love lost between Janelle Pierzina and Nicole Franzel this season on Big Brother. The two did not get along in the house and Franzel even dis-invited Pierzina to her upcoming wedding. Following the finale, Pierzina had some final thoughts on the season, which included some harsh words for Franzel.

Piezina Says Franzel Got What She Deserved and Isn’t Even a Second-Tier Player

In a tweet, Pierzina wrote, “Nicole got what she deserved,” most likely meaning that a perceived coat-tail rider does not deserve to make it to the final two, so Franzel completely deserved to be cut by her ally Cody Calafiore after the final Head of Household competition.

Pierzina had already thrown her support behind eventual winner Calafiore, saying on Instagram that it would be “an absolute travesty” if he didn’t win season 22. After his win, she congratulated him on Twitter and she also retweeted a video someone spliced together that shows a bar full of people celebrating as Calafiore evicted Franzel (they are actually celebrating a sporting event).

Additionally, in an Instagram video with Kaysar Ridha before the finale, a commenter said that Franzel was going to “dethrone” Pierzina as the GOAT (greatest of all time) and Pierzina clapped back, “Haha, that’s funny. She’s not even a second-tier player.”

Pierzina also wrote that she felt bad for Enzo Palumbo (his 9-0 loss to Calafiore was only the second unanimous vote in Big Brother history), and that she was happy that Da’Vonne Rogers won America’s Favorite Player because “she deserves it.”

Pierzina Thinks Franzel Will Be In For a Rude Awakening After the Show

In addition to saying Franzel got her comeuppance, Pierzina said that Franzel will be in for a rude awakening — though she had a typo and it said “dude awakening” — “when she finds out she lost her sponsors for making fun of Ian.”

This is in reference to the controversy earlier this year where Franzel, Donato Briones, and Memphis Garrett were heard mocking Ian Terry’s autism and how he rocks when he gets anxious. Franzel lost quite a few sponsors over what one of them called “bullying,” including BlanQuil, EyeBuyDirect, Love Book, 310 Nutrition, Burst Oral Care, Olay, Beta Brand, and Chateau Ste. Michelle.

Pierzina and Ridha Think Calafiore Completely Deserved to Win

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Quick discussion and tea

A post shared by Janelle Pierzina (@janellepierzina) on Oct 28, 2020 at 2:21pm PDT

In their pre-finale Instagram video, Pierzina said she was “nervous” about the jury being bitter toward Calafiore, which is something she hates.

“I don’t like bitter juries. I think they suck. That’s so new-school BB, a bitter jury. It’s so annoying,” said Pierzina, adding, “[Cody] played well and he was respectful to everyone, he was never rude or mean.”

Ridha chimed in with, “At the end of the day, I think the jury should vote with integrity. Cody won, if he’s in the final two, fair and square … I think he played a good social game … and then on top of that, he won the most comps. You gotta give credit where credit’s due and you can’t be bitter about it because you got outplayed. That’s the way I look at it.”

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, there are rumors that CBS is trying to put together Celebrity Big Brother 3 and we might get a new season of Big Brother Canada this winter/spring as well.

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