Nicole Franzel’s Wedding Roasted by ‘Big Brother’ Nemesis

Nicole Franzel

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Janelle Pierzina returned to Twitter just in time to react to a buzzy Big Brother wedding. After a brief break from social media, the Big Brother fan favorite made a return to her Twitter account on the same day that her nemesis Nicole Franzel tied the knot with fellow show alum Victor Arroyo in Florida.

Franzel and Arroyo, who are expecting their first child in July, exchanged vows in a small ceremony in Orange Lake, Florida,  according to Us Weekly. Big Brother alums Josh Martinez, Memphis Garrett, and Christmas Abbott were on the guest list for the ceremony, but Pierzina clearly was not.

Weeks after Pierzina revealed she was leaving Twitter due to its toxicity, it was not lost on fans that she decided to make her return to social media with an “I’m back” announcement on the same day as Franzel’s wedding. The two women have had an ongoing feud for more than two years, and Pierzina did not hold back when reacting to her former friend’s nuptials.

“I heard Cotton Eyed Joe was played and green jello salad was recently served,”  Pierzina wrote on Twitter on the day of Franzel’s wedding.

Janelle Pierzina’s Shady Comment Received a Mixed Reaction From ‘Big Brother’ Fans

Pierzina’s Twitter followers had a field day with her wedding day diss. One commenter wrote, “Considering NO one wore a mask, I assume the super spreader event served nothing but the best hot dogs and ranch dressing.”

“Also Potato Salad with raisins in it,” another chimed in.

A few posted photos of disgusting-looking gelatin molds and hotdogs and joked that there was “nothing but the best” at the Holiday Inn.

But others called Pierzina out for being petty with her post.

“Wow this is low,” one commenter wrote. “Let her enjoy her wedding day, you don’t have to be petty.’

“Girl, I’m a fan of yours, but this is unnecessary,” another follower wrote to Pierzina. “Mean girl isn’t a good look for you. Be better girl, and rise above.”

Janelle Pierzina Was Previously Uninvited to Nicole Franzel & Victor Arroyo’s Wedding

It’s not a huge surprise that Pierzina was salty about the wedding that has been dubbed #arroyalwedding on Twitter. She had originally been on the guest list, but the invite was revoked.

Franzel and Arroyo’s wedding was originally supposed to take place in 2020, and it was pushed back even further due to the coronavirus pandemic.  A December 2020 ceremony in Turks and Caicos was set before Franzel headed to the Big Brother: All-Stars house last summer, where she butted heads with Pierzina.

In her goodbye message to Pierzina on Big Brother: All-Stars, Franzel uninvited her to the wedding. Pierzina later blasted her nemesis’s “cheap a–” destination wedding, which required guests to foot the bill for a $3000 hotel stay.

“Just received my invite,” she wrote on Twitter alongside the passport-themed invitation. “3k for hotel so Nicole’s reception and hotel stay can basically be comped. Glad I don’t have to go. I hate cheap a– weddings where the go-to song is Cotton Eyed Joe.”

Pierzina also explained that her issues with Franzel dated back to their joint appearance on The Amazing Race in 2019.

“We had a little bit of beef on The Amazing Race and that’s where all this crap started surfacing from,” she said,  per People.“I wasn’t going to go to her wedding anyway. I have a cheer competition that weekend, so no worries. I’ll still send them a gift. I don’t hate the girl. I just never trusted her in the [Big Brother] house.”

Franzel and Arroyo’s destination wedding was ultimately canceled due to the pandemic and the smaller ceremony was set once the couple found out they were expecting a baby.

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