Sarah Beth Steagall Calls Janelle Pierzina Out for Harsh Comments

Sarah Beth Big Brother

CBS Sarah Beth Steagall on 'Big Brother 23.'

Sarah Beth Steagall placed ninth on season 23 of “Big Brother” and was a member of the Kings team.

The 28-year-old forensic chemist was criticized for backdooring Derek Xiao during her Head of Household reign, not only because Xiao was a fan-favorite, but because some fans felt it was a bad game move on Steagall’s part.

Steagall was in the dark about the existence of The Cookout alliance, as were all the houseguests who weren’t part of it. Therefore, she had no idea that getting rid of Xiao was the best-case scenario for the people going after her. She was also unaware that her closet friend in the house, Kyland Young, was more loyal to his secret six-person alliance than he was to her.

One of Steagall’s critics was Janelle Pierzina, a four-time “Big Brother” player. Pierzina appeared in seasons 6, 7, 14, and 22. When Steagall decided to target Xiao, Pierzina retweeted a “Big Brother” updates Twitter account and wrote, “You ruined your game as well as his. You will follow him out the door next week but go off I guess. 🤣”

Another user replied to Pierzina, writing, “She basically gave her HOH to Kyland 😩.” Pierzina responded to this by saying, “she has worms for brains.” Pierzina also tweeted a gif of her celebrating when Tiffany Mitchell became Head of Household, knowing that Mitchell would target Steagall.

She captioned the video with a quote Mitchell had said earlier in the season, “f*** Sarah Beth and I said that s***.” Steagall has spoken up about what she thinks of Pierzina’s comments.

Steagall Says She’s ‘Disappointed’ in Pierzina

During a Twitch live stream on October 26, a fan asked Steagall about Pierzina and her “toxic stans.” Although Steagall said she didn’t know enough about Pierzina’s stans to speak about their behavior, she did take a moment to address Pierzina’s behavior.

“I do have to say I’m really disappointed with Janelle’s behavior,” Steagall said, adding that she expected “something different” from the “Big Brother” alum. She went on to say that it was fine if Pierzina disliked her as a player but she still “would’ve expected different behavior.”

“I certainly would’ve given her different behavior if the uh, roles had been switched,” Steagall said.

How Fans Feel About Pierzina’s Comments

In a Reddit thread discussing Steagall’s comments on Pierzina’s conduct, several users were happy to see Pierzina being called out.

“Janelle is “unapologetic” which can sometimes be awesome. But in this case SB (Sarah Beth) is right. Janelle likes to encourage the toxic fandom and increase her own level of social media engagement as a result,” one user wrote.

Another said, “Unpopular opinion on Janelle. She half-a** watches the season and focuses more on who her followers drag for clout and that’s how she stays relevant on Twitter. She admittedly dropped out of watching multiple times but repeatedly targeted SB (Sarah Beth) with some nasty tweets.”

Pierzina has also made fun of “Big Brother” alum Nicole Franzel on Twitter. The two women appeared on “Big Brother 22” together, but didn’t get along. Franzel even uninvited Pierzina to her wedding in her goodbye eviction message. Pierzina threw shade at Franzel’s wedding in a tweet, writing, “I heard Cotton Eyed Joe was played and green jello salad was recently served.”

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