Exclusive: Jasmine Davis Reveals Whose Game She Respects the Least


CBS Jasmine Davis Big Brother exit interview

On the Thursday, August 25 episode of “Big Brother,” houseguest Jasmine Davis fell victim to the Split House twist and was voted out of the game with a 2-0 vote.

Jasmine’s game was put in jeopardy after Brochella HOH Michael Bruner chose her to join his team inside the house. The Split House twist separated Jasmine from her closest allies and made her a prime target for the Leftovers alliance.

Heavy had the chance to catch up with Jasmine and chat about her elimination.

Here’s what you need to know.

Jasmine Davis Talks ‘Big Brother’ Eviction

Big Brother 24: Jasmine exit interviewBig Brother 24: Jasmine exit interview for Heavy.com2022-08-28T18:13:01Z


Heavy: When Michael chose you first for Brochella, did you think you were his target?

Jasmine: Absolutely. I literally immediately started crying. I was trying to hold back the tears because I knew what was happening in that moment. I saw in Terrance’s eyes that he wanted to pick me but literally Michael snatched me up so fast. I thought he was just playing it up about the injury like, ‘oh, I don’t want you to be outside.’ I was just like, oh, okay, I know where this is going. I know Brittany [is going to] get picked, I know Taylor [is going to] get picked, and he’s probably [going to] pick a target to make it seem like I’m not the target, so yes.

Heavy: Looking back, would you have rather been at Dyre fest? Do you think you would’ve stayed this week if you were at Dyre fest?

Jasmine: Absolutely. I would have loved to be at Dyre festival because number one, I’m a country girl, so a little bit of ant and a BB beetle will not take me down…I felt like I could’ve still been in the house this week if I would’ve been there [because] I feel like [Terrance and I] did have a good relationship and he wasn’t in that alliance, so he would’ve wanted to get out a bigger threat than me.

Heavy: If you could press the rewind button and start the season over, who would you align with?

Jasmine: I would definitely start off aligning with Michael because I feel like we had a lot of [the] same ideas when we would chat, and I just really like where his head space was when it came to playing the game, so if I could back it would definitely be aligning with Michael.

Heavy: Whose gameplay do you respect the least?

Jasmine: Probably Brittany’s [because] I just really feel like she’s floating through the game and I also feel like she’s using Michael as that floatie. At first, she really didn’t even want to be Festie Besties with him, at least that [is] what is she expressed to me, and all of a sudden when he starts winning things and becomes a comp beast all of a sudden that’s her best friend…I just feel if you’re [going to] play the game, play it. Don’t float through it.

Heavy: Who do you think is playing the best game?

Jasmine: I definitely feel like Michael is playing the best game so far.

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Dede Harrington Vaughn
Dede Harrington Vaughn
5 months ago

Is she that delusional or just that good of a liar? Maybe both! She didn’t think she was the target! She thought she had them snowed with her fake injury and her birthday MONTH! She has no idea why Britney didn’t want to be Mike’s festie bestie! It was because of the gut put on the block they were both in the same alliance! Most of the leftovers were besties with a non-alliance member! I’m afraid she’d got a rude awakening in a few weeks!

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