Jasmine Davis Clears up Taylor Hale Rumor: ‘She Never Called Me Fat’


CBS Jasmine Davis clears up Taylor Hale rumor

Big Brother 24″ houseguest Jasmine Davis is speaking out after Paloma Aguilar doubled down on a comment she made about season 24 winner Taylor Hale.

In an October Instagram Live, Aguilar told fellow houseguest Indy Santos that Hale called Davis fat in the “Big Brother” house.

She weight-shamed Jasmine,” Aguilar said, referring to Hale. “Like she weight-shamed her and Jasmine will truthfully say that.”

Hale denied the accusation in an October 5 interview with “Big Brother” superfan Taran Armstrong.

Davis cleared up the confusion during an October 18 appearance on the “Big Brother” podcast “The Winner’s Circle.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Jasmine Says Taylor Never Called Her Fat

In the October 18 episode, Davis told host and “Big Brother 23” alum Tiffany Mitchell that Taylor never called her fat.

“Taylor never called me fat. I don’t know why Paloma feels the need to even bring that up,” she said.

Davis went on to explain where the confusion stemmed from, telling Mitchell that there was a moment when she thought Hale was judging her weight.

Davis said Hale was helping her put on a corset when she made a remark that hurt her feelings. Davis shared that Hale said, “I am so glad I don’t have this problem,” while helping Davis slip into the corset.

“I have always been kind of defensive, and I have trauma behind my weight,” she told Mitchell.

While the former houseguest admitted that the statement stung, she said Hale never made a direct comment about her weight.

“She never called me fat, let’s be very clear,” she said.

Hale has not confirmed nor denied Davis’s claim.

Jasmine Regrets Not Sticking up for Taylor

Davis hasn’t always been Hale’s biggest fan. At the start of the season, Davis was onboard to vote her out of the house. However, as the game progressed, her feelings about the beauty queen began to change.

In an August interview with Parade, Davis revealed she regrets not standing up for Hale in the “Big Brother” house.

“While I was in the “Big Brother” house, I really didn’t have a super close relationship with Taylor,” she told the outlet. “But that doesn’t go to say that, if something were to happen where people are disrespecting, bullying, or being mean, that I shouldn’t have stood up for her.”

“I also really regret that because outside of the house, I’m that person who always stand up for someone when they can’t stand up for themselves,” she added.

Davis told the publication that she was able to connect with Hale on a “different level” later in the game and left the “Big Brother” house with a lot of respect for the season 24 winner.

“I just respect her so much,” she said. “I wanted her to know that that was my biggest regret in that house because we should all be able to lean on each other in that house and especially have people that can have each other’s back when we feel down or when somebody is attacking us.”

“Big Brother 25” will air in the summer of 2023.

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