Jeff Schroeder Gives Update on New Show With Jordan Lloyd

Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd of 'Big Brother' and 'The Amazing Race'

Getty Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd of 'Big Brother' and 'The Amazing Race'

Popular “Big Brother” couple Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd may soon be back on your TV screens with a new real estate show. Schroeder gave Heavy all the details about the concept and why it has been delayed a little. Read on to find out what viewers can expect when it premieres.

The Duo Announced the Show Back in March

In March, Schroeder and Lloyd revealed to CNN that they had a new real estate series in the works called “This You Need to See,” which would first air on CBS and later be available on Amazon Prime.

“Jeff and I met and fell in love when we were locked up in the ‘Big Brother’ house, so if there’s one thing we know… it’s houses. But all kidding aside, we just moved into our new place and really enjoyed our home search. The chance to tour homes in cities across the country and to think we could potentially help a family like ours find their dream home really appealed to us both,” Lloyd told CNN in a statement.

Producer Alex Boylan added, “Having worked with Jeff & Jordan in the past, I knew they would be the perfect pair to host this show. They just bought their dream home and they know the feeling you get when you find the perfect place.”

Schroeder recently told Heavy in an interview that when he landed his gig hosting the nationally syndicated talk show “Daily Blast Live,” they had less than a month to move from Los Angeles to Denver. While they were initially in an apartment in Denver due to the speed of the move, they have since found their forever home, which is what Lloyd was referring to as the genesis of this new show.

Schroeder Hopes the Show Premieres Later This Summer

“This You Need to See” was supposed to have started airing in April 2021, but Schroeder told us it was delayed due to another show called “The College Tour.” He hopes they can start “ramping up” for their new show soon.

“The buddy that I did ‘Around the World for Free’ with came up with this concept with his buddy, Shane. So he’s out doing another show called ‘The College Tour’ right now and once they wrap up for the summer there, they’re going to start ramping up for our show. So it was delayed a little bit,” said Schroeder.

He also revealed that they’ve expanded the focus of the show a little.

“They were going to do it just in Philadelphia and south Florida, but now I think we’re gearing up and we’re going to be doing Los Angeles,” said Schroeder.

He added that concept is “pretty simple.”

“We’re going to be remote from home and then the agents are going to be on the ground showing their property,” said the former “Big Brother” star. “We’re still working out the kinks, but it’ll be another good project for me and Jordan to work on together. Hopefully they get that going pretty soon once they finish up their other projects.”

When we told Schroeder how excited our “Big Brother” readers were about the new show, he said it is so humbling that they still continue to have fans so many years after they were on TV.

“I’m very humbled that 12 years later people are still interested in us, so hopefully we’ll put out some new content and people like that too.”

“Big Brother” season 23 premieres Wednesday, July 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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