Does Julie Chen Watch The ‘Big Brother’ Live Feeds?

Julie Chen Moonves, host of the CBS series 'Big Brother'

CBS Julie Chen Moonves, host of the CBS series 'Big Brother'

Longtime “Big Brother” host Julie Chen Moonves has answered a burning fan question in an Instagram story — does she watch the live feeds? Read on to find out if she tunes in like the rest of us diehard fans and also what she thinks is the “best change” the show has made over the years.

Does Julie Chen Moonves Watch the Live Feeds?

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Fans have wondered for years if the “Big Brother” host does in fact tune in to the live feeds — there are tweets going back 10 years asking that very question (embedded below), with plenty of fans thinking there is no way she watches them.

We have always kind of figured with how busy she is between “Big Brother” and “The Talk” that Chen Moonves does not have time to watch the live feeds and gets filled in from production about what has been going on in the house. But it turns out we were wrong! In an Instagram story she recorded during “Big Brother” season 23, Chen Moonves revealed she has spent “many a night” just like the fans — watching the live feeds “for hours.”

“I have spent many a night watching the live feeds for hours, and at times I keep watching when there’s nothing going on — brushing teeth, cleaning the kitchen, cooking,” said Chen Moonves.

Chen Moonves Also Picked A Big Change That is Both Surprising and Also So Obvious

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In the same Instagram story, Chen Moonves was asked what the “best change” has been over the years of “Big Brother.” We honestly expected her to say the Power of Veto player selection, a change that fundamentally altered the game after the season five cast figured out how to truly “backdoor” someone.

But she actually said something that is so obvious once she said it — changing the way houseguests are evicted.

“I think the best change that was made to ‘Big Brother’ over the years was the change from season one to season two, having the houseguests vote each other out instead of letting the viewers vote,” said Chen Moonves.

She’s absolutely right. The first season of “Big Brother” bears no resemblance to later seasons because America voted people out. So the most interesting houseguests went home really early because they were causing trouble and the viewers didn’t like them. Also, some houseguests’ families set up call banks (because back then, you had to call from an actual telephone because not very many people had cell phones) to spam the voting lines for their family members that were inside the house. We distinctly remember the show doing a segment on this and how unfair it felt for the players whose families couldn’t organize that kind of voting system.

Having the houseguests vote each other out makes the game infinitely more interesting and we wouldn’t have a “Big Brother” as we know and love it if they did not implement that change, so yes, Julie Chen Moonves, that is the correct answer.

“Big Brother” season 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on CBS.

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