Big Brother: Julie Chen Moonves Says Kyle Capener’s Gameplay ‘Bothers’ Her

Julie Chen

YouTube Julie Chen says Kyle's gameplay bothers her.

“Big Brother 24” houseguest Kyle Capener found himself in hot water this week after Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes revealed that the Utah native made an assumption about the people of color in the house.

According to Michael, Kyle concluded that the people of color in the house must be working together, citing the Cookout from season 23 as a reason for his concern.

Michael said he didn’t see any evidence that the people of color in the house were working together and questioned Kyle’s line of reasoning.

“Big Brother” host Julie Chen Moonves is now sharing her thoughts on Kyle’s gameplay. In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, Julie revealed that Kyle’s gameplay bothers her.

Julie Shares Her Thoughts on Kyle’s Betrayal

In week 7, Kyle made a big game move when he decided to rat out the Leftovers alliance. Kyle told Terrance Higgins (the Dyre fest HOH) and Alyssa Snider (his showmance) everything about the alliance.

He even betrayed his alliance member, Joseph Abdin, to protect himself from elimination.

Julie told Entertainment Weekly that Kyle’s betrayal does not sit right with her.

“There’s something about the way Kyle betrayed his alliance that bothers me,” she told the outlet in August.

“It came soon after he was wishy-washy about using the POV to save Alyssa when he and Daniel had the veto,” she continued. “It felt more like a move to save himself and his longevity in the game than his showmance or girlfriend.”

Julie isn’t the only one who isn’t a fan of Kyle’s gameplay. Fans of Twitter have been rallying around the POC houseguests in the game and calling out Kyle for rushing to a conclusion without evidence.

The hashtags “Stop Protecting Kyle” and “Kyle Eviction Party” have been trending on Twitter for days.

Cody Calafiore Calls Out Alyssa & Kyle

“Big Brother 22” winner Cody Calafiore also weighed in on Kyle’s betrayal of the Leftovers. A Twitter user shared a clip from Cody’s podcast “The Winner’s Circle,” in which he calls out Kyle and Alyssa for their treatment of Joseph at Dyre fest.

“I wanted to touch on that outside conversation that they all had [at Dyre fest],” he said. “I was watching just like shaking my head. Alyssa’s so pissed at Joseph. ‘You lied to me. You lie. So, you’re saying you’ve lied to me this whole time?’ Girl, the dude that’s sleeping with you. That’s kissing you, doing some more than kissing you, was literally having another relationship, ultimately, and not telling you, and you’re pissed at Joseph?”

Cody went on to call Kyle a little b**** for going back on forth on his decision to use the Veto on Alyssa in week four.

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