Did a ‘Big Brother’ Alum Block a Potential Houseguest from Being Cast?

Kat Dunn Big Brother 21

Youtube Kat Dunn during her Big Brother 21 exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves.

During “Big Brother 21″, rumors circulated that houseguest Kat Dunn prevented prospective contestant Jenna Jackson from joining the cast by leaking her information to spoiler accounts.

In a recent Twitter thread, Dunn confirmed that she did accidentally leak the information about Jackson. Both Dunn and Jackson are former cheerleaders from Dallas. This made Dunn worry that if they were both cast, other houseguests would assume they were friends outside of the house and target them.

“I also thought her social game was better than mine so I was worried that if it was me vs. her they would choose her,” Dunn admitted on Twitter. Dunn and Jackson have mutual friends but Dunn says they were not close themselves. Dunn wrote on Twitter that Jackson “was actually part of the reason why me and my former best friend aren’t friends anymore.”

Dunn shared her concerns about Jackson with a friend who happened to be a “Big Brother” superfan. She says that her friend, not her, ultimately leaked the news about Jackson potentially being cast on “Big Brother 21.” And even with the leak, casting had already decided on Christie Murphy rather than Jackson anyways.

“So although I think the rumor that I’m the one who got Jenna kicked off is entertaining and savage and makes me seem super cutthroat lmao…it’s not true,” tweeted Dunn.

Dunn Did End Up Knowing Someone In the ‘Big Brother’ House

Even with Jackson out of the picture, Dunn did find a familiar face in the “Big Brother” house. She and Holly Allen were acquaintances from their time doing beauty pageants. Both Dunn and Allen were romantically involved with Jackson Michie during their time on the show, even forming an alliance called Threemance.

However, after the show, Dunn and Allen’s friendship soon soured. In 2020, Allen criticized Dunn on an episode of The Publyssity Podcast. She said that Dunn only went on “Big Brother” for “followers and relevancy.” Dunn clapped back in an Instagram live video, saying that if Allen had “worried more about relevancy, then maybe people would have remembered her more as Holly Allen from “Big Brother 21” and not Beth from “Big Brother 21.”

The Beth comment was a reference to “Big Brother” houseguest David Alexander accidentally calling Allen “Beth” early in the season.

Jackson Michie and Holly Allen Broke Up After a Year

Holly Allen and Jackson Michie Big Brother

YoutubeHolly Allen and Jackson Michie had a showmance on Big Brother 21.

Although Michie and Allen did date for a while outside the “Big Brother” house, they ultimately called it quits in June 2020. After rumors circulated that Michie had begun dating Morgan Simianier from the Netflix docuseries, “Cheer”, Allen addressed her ex’s new relationship during an Instagram story Q&A.

“I shall pray for her (Simianier) as I have prayed for the many many other girls these past few months, but also…run,” wrote Allen. When a fan asked her what makes Michie such a clown (the fan used the clown emoji), Allen responded “this is a Q&A. Not a movie trilogy. Not enough time.”

When Will the BB23 Cast Be Revealed?

With the 23rd season of “Big Brother” set to premiere on July 7, it’s likely that the cast will be revealed sometime around June 28-June 31. Historically, cast lists are revealed about a week before the season premiere.

Fans are anxiously awaiting more updates and hoping that this season’s theme, Big Risks and Big Rewards, is worth the wait.

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