EXCLUSIVE: Kat Dunn Says ‘Big Brother’ Is ‘Always Personal’

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Kat Dunn Kat Dunn gave Heavy the scoop on what the "Big Brother" house is really like and how Dr. Will Kirby ghosted her.

Summer is here and the wait for “Big Brother 23” is almost over. To help us stay cool until the July 7 premiere finally arrives, we caught up with “Big Brother” fan-favorite, Kat Dunn of BB21.

With only last year’s all-star season between Dunn and her time in the “Big Brother” house, the Texas native is excited to watch the brand-new faces of this season compete and scheme in real-time. Heavy chatted with Dunn about her time on “Big Brother”, what advice she has for the new houseguests, and when her podcast is returning.

Dunn Says ‘Big Brother’ Is ‘Always Personal’

It’s a phrase uttered at seemingly every nomination ceremony, the dreaded “it’s not personal.”

Dunn, who was on the block three times during her season, told Heavy, “the thing is, it’s always personal. Of course there’s the gameplay part of it. You form your alliances and you put someone on the block because they’re not in your alliance. But the reason why they’re not in your alliance is that you don’t really like them, or you don’t like them as much as the other people in the house.”

Although Dunn doesn’t think she was ever perceived as a threat by her fellow houseguests,  Tommy Bracco would beg to differ. “Tommy still swears to this day that he nominated me because he thought I was some sort of undercover genius, which I’m not,” says Dunn.

“The thing about “Big Brother” that a lot of people don’t realize is that it’s truly a popularity contest of sorts…it really comes down to if people like you, they’ll keep you in the house,” Dunn told Heavy

Dunn Revealed Her Favorite BB21 Players

As part of the Cliff’s Angels alliance, Dunn was rooting hard for Cliff Hogg in the jury house. “The whole time I was in jury I was running the Cliff Hogg fan club. I literally felt so strong about Cliff winning that I cried and everyone in jury was like, ‘are you related to him? Why are you crying,'” Dunn said. 

But after leaving sequester and seeing other parts of the season, Dunn saw the value in other houseguest’s gameplay as well. “Tommy played a great social game while still being true to who he was and being a nice person,” she said. Dunn also gave a shout-out to Christie Murphy.

“This is a little controversial, but I really liked Christie’s game. She was chaotic and crazy but every season needs that person. She was kind of like the Vanessa Rousso of season 21,” said Dunn. 

As for her own game, Dunn admits that the strategy she planned on using didn’t pan out once inside the “Big Brother” house.

I went in thinking I was going to be like Tyler Crispen. But when I got into the house, with all the preconceived biases based on first impressions, I wasn’t perceived as one of the cool kids in the house,” she said. 

I had to resort to a different strategy from season 20 which was JC (Mounduix)’s strategy. I didn’t originally consider it because JC played a floater game, a strategy I didn’t think I’d be good at or want to use. But one of my friends had told me that JC played a really underrated game and encouraged me to study it,” Dunn told Heavy

Dan Gheesling Wowed Her and Dr. Will Ghosted Her

In 2020, Dunn did a series of Instagram lives with former “Big Brother” players as guests. “Big Brother” legend Dan Gheesling made an appearance and Dunn says he lived up to his reputation.

“He was exactly how you’d think he would be, so charismatic, so friendly. Some people have a gift where they make you feel like you’re the only person in the room that matters. He really has that. I think that’s the thing that people can’t put their finger on when someone has a really good social game. I wish I had that trait. That is how you win Big Brother,” Dunn said. 

Dunn’s other Instagram live guests included Janelle Pierzina, Cody Calafiore, and “Evel Dick” Donato. “I feel like I had every big-name Big Brother person on my Instagram live. Expect Dr. Will, he ghosted me. So we have beef now,” Dunn said, laughing. 

Will ‘Conspire Away, B*tches’ Be Back This Summer?

The title of Dunn’s popular podcast is a nod to both her iconic catchphrase on BB21, (“are you b*tches conspiring against me?”) and her love of conspiracy theories. As for when the podcast will return, fans will have to wait a little longer.

I have something big on the horizon that I can’t talk about yet so I won’t be doing it this summer,” Dunn told Heavy. However, she hopes to bring it back for post-season “Big Brother” coverage. Dunn will also be covering “Big Brother” via Twitter this summer.

The “Big Brother” alum admitted that she was “addicted” to the live feeds last summer. “I even moved a TV into my room just so I could have the live feeds on while I went to bed,” said Dunn. 

Dunn’s Advice for the New Houseguests

Dunn has a message for this summer’s houseguests. “Don’t trust anybody,” she said, laughing. “I lucked out because I had Jessica Milagros as an ally in the house and she actually really is a good person who had my best interests at heart. But that’s not something everyone comes by, that’s kind of a wild card experience in the Big Brother house.” 

She also had some very wise words for how to stay sane and positive during the game.

“Every single day before I went to bed in the house I would think about what my favorite part of the day was. Even if it was a really bad day, I’d be like ‘wow I had fun rolling ice cream with Tommy or making up dances with Nicole’, things that seem really small. Those little happy moments are really what keep you going in the crazy environment of Big Brother.” 

Don’t miss the live premiere of Biiiiiig Brother on July 7 at 8 pm ET.

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