‘Big Brother 23:’ Did Kyland Steal Derek F.’s Family Ring?

Kyland Azah Big Brother

CBS Kyland and Azah waiting to hear Big D's eviction vote.

Kyland’s exit from the “Big Brother” house was intense. On his way out the door, he took a moment to interrogate Xavier about his reason for betraying him.

Kyland even went so far as insinuating that Xavier’s nephew who recently lost his father had no one to look up to as a role model. Xavier warned Kyland to stop talking about his nephew and Julie Chen Moonves had to insist that Kyland leave the “Big Brother” house immediately.

But you may have missed something that happened right before Kyland and Xavier’s awkward exchange. The “Big Brother” Twitter account @hamsterwatch shared a video from the episode in which Kyland takes something off his finger and slips it into his pocket right after hearing that he’s been evicted.

Here’s why fans think Kyland stole something valuable from Derek F., aka Big D.

Big D Let Kyland Hold Onto His Ring

According to @hamsterwatch, Big D previously let Kyland hold onto a ring that his late father, professional boxer Smokin’ Joe Frazier, had given him. The idea was that Kyland would wear the ring to ensure Big D voted for him to stay.

But in the clip from the episode, Kyland clearly takes off a ring and puts it in his pocket before leaving the house. The following morning, Big D and Xavier could be seen on the live feeds looking everywhere for the ring.

Xavier lifted up a couch looking for the ring and Big D explained it was the last thing his father had given him before he passed away. They both said “he got it,” referring to Kyland. Xavier told Big D he would get the ring back, but Big D wasn’t so confident.

Production may get involved and ask Kyland about the whereabouts of the ring since Big D has made it clear he thinks it was stolen.

What Will Kyland Do With the Ring?

It’s unclear whether using the ring as collateral was Big D or Kyland’s idea, but if Kyland did pocket it, is he ever going to give it back?

One Reddit user had a theory about how Kyland will handle the situation. “Kyland takes the ring and they make a big deal about it on finale night while both are on stage. Julie asks if Ky is going to give it back and he pretends to think it over for a second before ultimately giving the ring back to Big D,” the user wrote.

The user added that Kyland wants to come back for another season of “Big Brother” and an exciting “will he/will he not” moment in the finale could help ensure that.

Kyland did mention to Chen Moonves that he’d like to play “Big Brother” again during his exit interview. He said he loves the game and now knows he’s pretty good at it.

The “Big Brother 23” finale airs Wednesday, September 29 at 9 p.m. Eastern Time after “Survivor.” Who will win the $750,000 grand prize? And who is America’s Favorite Houseguest this year? Tune in to find out.

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Gloria Ahumada
Gloria Ahumada
3 months ago

I don’t think Kyland is necessarily “good” at the game. He might not have gotten as far as he did, had it not been for the Cookout, being that he was a physical threat. Tiffany is the real MVP!!

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