Exclusive: Kyle Capener on His ‘Big Brother’ Exit & Where He Stands With Alyssa Snider


Kyle Capener Big Brother 24 exit interview

On the Thursday, September 1 episode of “Big Brother,” houseguest Kyle Capener became the fourth member of the jury after being unanimously voted out of the game.

Prior to this week, Kyle had played a nearly flawless game. He positioned himself in the middle of two alliances and found a ride-or-die in his showmance turned girlfriend, Alyssa Snider.

The Utah native had a hand in nearly every elimination working alongside his alliance, the Leftovers, to decide who the next target should be. When Kyle was separated from his alliance at Dyre fest, the 29-year-old still managed to control the game. He successfully painted a target on Joseph Abdin’s back, convincing Terrance Higgins that Joseph should be the one leaving the house that week.

But Kyle’s reign came to a crashing halt this week after Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes brought to light a conversation they had with Kyle that didn’t sit right with them. Michael and Brittany informed the house that Kyle had come to them with concerns that the people of color in the house were working together. They said Kyle alluded to forming an alliance with the white players to protect themselves from a “secret alliance” that he had convinced himself must exist. In reality, the POC players in the house never formed an alliance or vowed to protect to each other in the game.

The conversation rocked the house and fractured Kyle’s relationship with the Leftovers, which ultimately led to his elimination.

Heavy had the chance to catch up with Kyle and chat about his elimination.

Kyle on His ‘Big Brother’ Exit

Big Brother 24: Kyle exit interviewBig Brother 24: Kyle exit interview for Heavy.com2022-09-02T20:02:27Z


Heavy: You said you felt like you were at the bottom of the Leftovers going into Dyre fest? Knowing what you know now, do you still feel that was true at the time?

Kyle: Going into Dyre fest the week before, I was being left out of key conversations about who the target should be and I was put in a very uncomfortable position about using the Veto to send home my showmance, Alyssa. Michael didn’t pick me for Brochella, so I just really felt like I was at the bottom at that point

Heavy: What do you think Michael and Brittany’s motivation was for telling the rest of the house about your conversation weeks later? Do you think it was strategic?

Kyle: I have no idea what their motivation was. All I can base that off was what they said, which was [that] they brought that information [forward] when they felt comfortable, which is what I tend to believe.

Heavy: Looking back, would you have handled Dyre fest differently? If yes, what would you have done differently?

Kyle: Dyre fest was very difficult. I felt that Joseph and I had played a very similar game. I was in survival mode and I was [going to] use any information I had to survive that week. I do wish I had never thrown Joseph under the bus or had to be put in that situation.

Heavy: Do you think there is any chance you and Alyssa will get back together after the season ends?

Kyle: It’s hard to say. I have hope but she wants to watch the full season and [she wants to] understand completely how the game was played out, which I can totally respect, but I have hope.

Heavy: Who do you think is playing the best game so far?

Kyle: It’s hard to deny that Michael is an absolute beast at the game of “Big Brother.” He has way more comp wins than anyone and has a great social standing with everyone in the game. It’s hard to deny that [he is] playing a great game.

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Stay tuned for more “Big Brother” updates.

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